Corsica: Day 6- back to Blighty

The last day of our holiday arrived and there was one river section Andy wanted to get under his belt on the recommendation of the KS boys- the lower, lower Golo. Andy and Stu blasted 7 km of III to IV river in about 45 minutes while Jules and I went and prepared lunch at the get out. Back in the van and over to l’Ile Rousse to catch the ferry back the mainland and the long trip home. Below are a few shots of the island on our drive to the Ferry Port.


Photo: Andy and Jules and the Escape-to-Adventure-Mobile.


Photo: Corsican sea kayaking is supposed to be spectacular; i can understand why.


Photo:  Leaving L’Ile Rousse

I’ve spent a lot of time at sea on a lot of different boats through my former career as a chemical oceanographer. I like taking photos of the life rings of the boats I’ve been on. Old habits die hard:


Photo: Life-ring with Corsica in the background.

What a great time; I’m booking my place for next year. Wanna come?

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