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Black Rock Surf Festival

Sunday of last weekend saw marginally better surf for the IC and HP Women’s comps. Another funday on the water. It was good to have a women’s specific event with a good turn out (6 for HP). There were two heats then a final. The surf conditions got worse through the day, but a great, well run event none the less.

Photo: mens long boat heat


Shoreline Handicapped Surf Classic

I heard about two surf competitions running back to back in Bude, Cornwall. I called Simon to register a place for both days but I was amazed to find Saturdays competition full. I drove down anyway on the off chance some people would drop out and I could take their place. As fate would have it, just that occurred and i competed both days. It was my first time surfing in Cornwall in my reflex, surf was fairly small and sets were infrequent, but the sun was shinning :-) I didn’t do too well in the Classic, but i didn’t really care. To be fair i had a good excuse for my second heat whereby i was drawn against Nathan Eades, Sam Davenport, Tamsin Green and Ed Long. Ho-hum.

Photo: A pelthera of mutli-coloured surf boats

Something I’m learning about competitive surfing is that although etiquette is prevalent, surfing aggressively is super-important. That means even if a paddler is going for a wave, another paddler is well within their rights to paddle for it too. Jockeying for position (maybe a bit of snaking???) seems to be a tactic too; and with waves few and far between there was some of that going on. Naomi and Nathan did really well, with Nath taking top place in the comp and Naomi taking 7th; a good day for the Welshies!

Photo: Naomi in her pink DB.



Welsh Surf Develpoment Day

Last weekend was a fun-packed frolic down at Aberavon Beach. Two events were running concurrently- (1) the Welsh surf development day and (2) the Welsh Open Handicap ranking competition.

Photo: One of the heats of the Welsh Open Handicap

Both events had attracted a large number of people and were super fun. The boys and girls were pulling off all kinds of high scoring manoeuvres including off the lip aerial moves. Nathan won the mens and Naomi, the womens. A fun day was had by all- and the weather wasn’t half bad either.


Photo: Welsh surf development peeps heading out