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Fine Weather, Good Levels, Great Company!

The weather in the south of the UK has been mighty fine for the last week or so. And after another hectic week at work, I needed to get out in a kayak. Whether that was in surf or play boat, I wasn’t fussy. Surf looked flat as a pancake on the Boscombe surf cam, so off to Hurley with  Chris I went. Now, I’d heard rumours that Hurley on two gates was mediocre. I have to say, IMHO based on the fabulous day i had, those rumours were unfounded. Check out some of these posers ;-)

Photo:  He makes it look so easy and I love the cheeky smile

Photo: Pete popping out.

 Photo: First time I’ve seen a one handed blunt at Hurley!

It was great to see a fairly balanced women/men ratio in the eddy. I managed to get a few snaps of the ladies too!


Photos L to R: Susan and Tasha

I am finally getting fairly consistent with my back stab. I think i nailed 3 or 4 in my session. Now if only I can get my blunt; 2 years in trying. What an epic day at Hurley. Huge holler out to all the wonderful people I met in the eddy for making the day so much fun!

Photo by Chris: me doing a backstab.

You can find all the photos from that day on my flickr account. Feel free to download.


Sunday Surf Down the Gower

I’m currently suffering from a muscle tear in my left hip area- that’ll learn me for cartwheeling with poor technique. The Southampton crew are all hitting the creeks in Scotland and I was a bit upset not to be going. My physio told me to go boating (woohoo) but to only do about 20 % of what i usually do. So I hit the waves with Chris and Steve down the Gower, S. Wales. Yippee.  Waves were a fun size (about 3 ft) and fairly clean. Thanks for the good sesh guys. Cant wait to get my new board ;-)

 Photo: My S. Wales surf buddies!