The Surfing Santa

After all the festivities of the Holiday season, Chris and I took a break from the merriment and met up with a few others to go surfing at Caswell last Sunday. The swell was (optimistically) 1.5 foot at 4 seconds, but at least the wind was off shore and it was clean.

Photo: Chris had the waveski out and was pulling of some nice moves

I wussed out given the air temperature (like 2 degrees C; i think i’m getting old), and minuscule surf but i took piccies of da boyz braving the cold and it looked like they were having a fun session.

Photo: Santa working off all the mince pies.

Swell is coming up this week and we should be heading to Llangennith to catch a few peelers on New Years Day.  Sunday looks like its gonna be a corker! Cant wait…been missing the Oregon surf way too much, particularly when i heard it was 10 foot at 14 secs this week…

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