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An Early Hurley

Joe and I set out at too-early-o’clock on Saturday to play at Hurley as part of the Hurley Classic. T’was at dreamy levels, on 3 gates with a perfect green wave. One thing I love about hurley (judged on the two times i’ve been there), is that the feature is fairly symetrical. There’s no talk of unidirectional moves-you can do pretty much everything left and right…that is if you can actually do the moves, er-hum. I’ve never paddled any where else where that is true.

 Photo: Joe about to embark…looks like he’s yet another Jackson Convert. Yeah!

We saw lots of very vertical blunts and even some pan-ams. A super coolio day, despite the fiercly cold weather. Me loves the Hurl!



Photo (L to R):  Unknown paddler, getting vertical; Joe on the wave