Glasbury to Hay


Class I to II. Last Sunday saw a welcome return to the first river that I ever paddled. It was the River Wye, from Glasbury to Hay. I hadn’t done this run for…oooo…18 years. It’s a good beginner run with one section that should be approached with caution, because of a log. We took the river left channel, without incidence.


Photo: Aw, feel the love- Amy and her Dad, Steve, having a bit of fun


The trip was organized by Cardiff Canoe Club and was part of the assessment for the BCU 3 star award system. While Sue and Phil were busy with the assessments, I had the fortune to paddle with two of the Canoe Club’s younger members, Amy and Kerri. The girls are talented paddlers and both of them completed two rolls on the river. Nice work ladies!



Photos Lto R: Kerri practicing sculling draw; rope work; the weir


As part of the assessment, throw-bag work and defensive swimming were practiced. This, in my opinion, is a fantastic addition to the 3-star award. Well done WCA for introducing this.

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