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Small Ocean Surf Video

I tested out my new camera mount last week. Click on this link to see a video-boating session from last Thursday. I need to go surfing with some friends so I can film them down the line.


Surfin’ Safari

Having ocean surfed the last 3 out of 4 days, I feel like I’m on a bit of a surfing safari. And I’d be crazy not to take advantage of the good weather and waves. The summer surf crowds appear to be staying away, most likely due to high gas prices. The waves have been peeling clean left and right, offering up some of the longest rides I’ve ever had.

Photo: a 3 ft swell at Agate on Thursday

On Friday I busted out my surf kayak, as the waves built to a clean 6 ft, during my session. Nice. The waves offered me my first “up and over the falls” experience. I survived, and was very happy the new outfitting I installed in my boat enabled a fast roll. Someone once described rolling my surf boat like rolling a door. I think thats a pretty accurate description.


West Coast Womens Whitewater Festival

Christina Russell and Heather Herbeck co-ordinated a very successful event on the White Salmon, WA last weekend. About 25 women showed up to compete and support the event that included a head to head extreme race through the Class IV Maytag Rapid and a women’s 8-ball competition from Husum to Rattlesnake. I’ll quote one of Jesse Coombs’ favorite sayings to describe the event, “…too much fun…”! Here are some Photos.

Photos (L to R): The Extreme Race; Heather, Lauren, Lindsey.

Of course there was the obligatory carnage during the extreme race. Great for spectators to watch! Here is a link to the official website


Boat/Kayak Insurance

A bit of info that you may find helpful…As some of you know I recently had a JK Allstar stolen from the roof of my car, from outside my apartment. Luckily, State Farm paid out for everything I lost through my renters insurance (but with a $500 deducatable). This prompted me to look further into insurance and kayaks. State Farm offers boat insurance for $4/Mo/Boat (if you have home/renters and car insurance with them). For $16/ Mo I have $7,000 of boats and equipment insured, under the “boat insurance” policy. They cover theft (not dependant on location) and on-river loss. Deductible is $100. I did not check against breakage.



Saturday’s festivities

Wenatchee fest provides, along with a lot of fun, shuttle rides from Cashmere to Rodeo hole. Its awesome. Saturday, after eating breakfast provided by the Virostek family, I headed up stream to the start of the down river race. I borrowed Dave’s Nomad 8.1 and hauled arse paddling downstream. I liked the boat a lot, but felt sad when i glanced left and right and saw all the wonderful surf waves I was missing. Race over, I immediately headed straight to Grannies to get some practice in. The level had changed from the previous day and it took me 3 attempts to get on that wave, due to unexpected flushiness. I had about 1 hour to practice before the rodeo and scored an entry loop on my last practice ride, which was sadly unreplicatable in the actual rodeo. Oh well, I did okay. It was great to watch all the other guys and gals out their doing their thing! Bret Barton had a great entry loop and Darren Albright had a loop too! I’ll have some video up soon.

Photos (L to R): waiting for the shuttle; Blunt; Blunt.


Wenatchee, Friday.

theDave and I headed directly to Grannies to play. Unfortunately Dave got attacked by the lesser spotted Wenatchee River Monster that ripped the paddle out from his hand, while surfing the wave. 3 hand roll attempts later and a swim later, the paddle was no where to be found. Luckily we had a spare and we spend the afternoon sharing rides with Christina Russell and Josh Mckeown at Granny’s.

Photos (L to R): The Wenatchee River; Christina about throw big on Grannies; Josh blunts on Grannies.


Washington Bound…

A group of us attended the Wenatchee River Festival last weekend. I headed up on Thursday with theDave in the Momma van, packed with 5 kayaks and all paraphernalia required for a luxury camping trip, including 16 portions of pasta with tomato and roasted red pepper sauce, that i spent most of Wednesday cooking.It was a great drive up and some wonderful WA boaters- Renee and Alan- we’re kind enough to allow us to squat on their camp spot for the night. We exchanged kayak stories, beer and wine. We awoke to the sound of Icicle Creek running through our back yard. Ah, I love vacations!

Photos (L to R): The gorge and the bridge on the drive; Icicle Creek


Digital Elphs and Gremlins

My Canon Digital Elph SD450 finally gave up the ghost on Sunday. The dreaded Er18 message came up and i could no longer retract the lens. I have since found out (from reading Internet reviews) this is a common problem with Digital Elphs. Canon offered a replacement refurbished SD750 for $100. I also had to buy new underwater housing for the new camera- $160. I bet some readers are thinking, why not replace with an Olypmus  Pentax or Stylus. Here are my reasons:

(1) I have three friends with the Pentex camera. Two of these camera have suffered condensation in the camera body. If I bought a Pentax and I tookit in the ocean (as i often do ) and salt water infiltrated the body, my camera would be toast. Several reviews I’ve read indicate that newer Pentax models are more susceptible to leakage than on the older models.

(2) The reviews of the Olympus camera are great, except that the video quaility is poor. It records only 15 seconds of video per push of the button and it records in lower resolution-I confirmed this with the customer service. In addition, the sound quaility is allegedly poor.

I’m sticking with the extremely water-tight, robust Canon Digital Elph…I just hope the Er18 gremlins stay away! Comments that agree or are contrary to what i’ve written here welcomed.