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Allstar Recliners

Last weekend we discovered that when we weren’t paddling them, our Allstars doubled as ergonomic sun loungers- such a multi-functional boat! Bret Barton found a new kayaking prodigy in 5 month old Timothy Elverud. Timothy had a great run down Tumwater (in his dreams).
Photos by Dave Porter (L-R): Me, Sandra and Timothy after river play; Timothy visualising his moves.


The Wonderful Wenatchee- Day 1, afternoon

We arrived back at Rodeo Hole and took a few practice rides before the competition started. We were allowed three thirty second rides. Variety counted more than replicating moves. I was in the beginner category (and was the only female) and James was in the advanced level. Who knows which category Dave was in…


All photos by Ashley Duffus/ Kathleen O’Malley

James got a big air entry loop on his last ride. Dave got tonnes of blunts and spins. My entry loop attempt ended up as my signature move-a windowshade. I think I got a backstab though. Other competitors were throwing helixes, back loops, linked moves. Very immpressive to watch from the eddy. We headed back to camp and watched Sandra go off the Big Air Ramp. Timothy was pleased with his mum’s attempts!

Photo by Sandra; Timothy’s mum.


The Wonderful Wenatchee-day 1, morning

A group of us decided to get out of dodge for the weekend and hit the PROFESSOR PADDLE Ball in Wenatchee, WA. With the air temperature hitting mid to upper seventies and the river levels at about 13 k, we couldnt have dreamed for a better weekend. Arriving on Saturday morning, we hit rodeo hole straight off and spent a few hours figureing out our moves for the rodeo before heading downstream to trinity.

James at rodeo hole on the wenatchee

Photo: James’ blunt @ Rodeo Hole- do not confusewith the english balardere who sings that awful song “…you’re beautiful…”

We played at Trinity for a few rides then pushed on down to Turkey shoot where we piled as many kayakers as we could on the wave. Of course, synchronized surfing moves were obligatory . Critical mass: 5 people. Carnage:none, sadly. We hitched a ride back up to the rodeo site and waited forthe rodeo to start. Just how many ride-less, hitch-hiking boaters and boats can you get in one truck?…oh, about 9…


Clover at 5 ft

Dave and I had heard that clover was good at 5 ft. We headed up there on Monday night for a bit-o-playboating. It was EPIC at the level we encountered (approx 5 ft at Vida). Starting from the most upstream… There are two large surfing waves. It was easy to get to the first wave by surfing a diagonal wave that dumped the boater right on the pile. The second wave was smaller and had more of a pile than the first. These waves were followed by, as Dave put it, “Mr Steepy, Steepy Huge Wave” (its like a steep, 4 ft, ocean wave), followed by a collapsing wave/ trashy hole that hurt my shoulder a bit. If you like the wave below the Horn on Lake Creek, you’ll love clover at this level- its well worth a visit. Would say it’s for fairly experienced playboaters (class III skills needed) because the features are a little hard to get to and the eddy line boils are fairly challenging.

Finally discovered how to upload photos on the new WordPress- wish i was more tech savvy! Well done James at WK on the updates BTW; its so much quicker to blog now.

Photos: (L to R) The four features of clover; Dave going for wave #1; and the steep wave


Testing the Camera Mount in the Pool

Yeah, baby; time put this little puppy through its paces at the pool. Overall- pretty cool, performed well, fit for purpose. A few over looked challenges (1) lack of grap loop- not good, not recommended (2) hand occasionally hits camera while rolling and it hurts!!! (3) More bits sticking out from kayak= more potential to pin (4) More Locktight needed (5) Better camera small ball mount needed (6) the torque the camera would experience in the ocean surf could be too much; might break kayak. I’m meeting with my friend who’s a welder soon to tease out some of these issues. Stand by for Kate’s low-tech-jury-rigged-cheap-o-camera- mount-version 2.0; an affordable mount for those with undisposable incomes.

Testing the mount -video link

Thought I’d post up a video of pool footage from the camera. Please excuse the egocentric appearance of the video ; I usually don’t put any footage of myself in my videos, but on this occasion, I was testing the ability to film both other people and myself. It’s all about me, me, me; clearly :-)

This post was written yesterday…prior to my boat being stolen. Boo.


Someone Stole my All Star Last Night

To add to the growing list of stolen boats…
please also be on the lookout for my JACKSON ALL STAR. It’s green, in “as new” condition (because its only 2 months old). Its fitted with 1 NRS float bags and the happy seat/thruster combo. It’s most distinguishing feature is that the font grap-loop is removed and it has a 1/4″ screw sticking up from the hole nearest the cockpit for a camera mount. It’s uncommon for anyone to call Jackson regarding re-placing a front grab loop (i know, because i just did that), so if anyone trys to sell you a boat matching this description missing the front grab loop, it’s most likely mine. It is also a “demo” boat.
In addition it has 3 stickers, which I’m sure the perpetrator will remove: surfrider foundation, AW, welsh flag. Pretty sure its the same guys that sole Korbulics boats because (1) stolen from Corvallis (2) straps were cut, the same as Korbulics.
If anyone can post this to other list serves (and in other states) I’ll be really, really grateful, because much like Amy, my State Farm insurance wont cover me
Thanks Readers!-Kate
BTW, tweaker’s suck. I hope they really need the piddling amount of money they’ll get for my boat.


Niels @3.02 ft – the Autoblunt Wave

You’ve heard of auto-boof? Well welcome to auto-blunt land. Yesterday, James theDave and I headed to Neils wave on the McKenzie River near Vida. The river level was at 3.02 ft and was optimum for learning to blunt. I can recall the last time I blunted. It was September, 2006, by accident and in the ocean . I remember because my friend was taking helmet cam footage at the time. My move looked good on video and I wish I could claim it was intentional, but alas it was one of those “I have no idea what i just did, but felt cool” moves. Could i repeat it? Nope. Denied for two, yes two, whole blunt-frustrating years. That was until last night. Mu-ah-ha-ha-ha


Photo: Jer on Neils at a lower level last January.

Last night was one of my epic sessions. The type of sessions you get about once a year. I counted 7, yes 7 right blunts in my session. The reason for my success? Of course, as always, my #1 coach James Bagley Jr, combined with the coolest surfers left shoulders on a wave…..EVER. The pile was slightly surfers right of the shoulder. James explained to me to I should put in a left spin to get to the top of the pile. I’d then be set up at the top of the wave. He said to surf a tiny amount down the wave on my left edge. Then edge transition to the right edge very quickly. Ta-dah…it clicked….again…again….again….

All I can say is, if you are frustrated with your blunt-learning, keep at it. Find a good river wave, with a decent shoulder and keep practicing. Hell, it took me two years…hopefully it’ll take you less. But even if it takes a lifetime, the feeling of finally getting it is one of the most rewarding feelings in playboating. I was commenting to theDave how friendly Neils was last night and that I appreciated it’s lack of severe beating when flushing (as opposed to spencers hole). The beauty of the wave was summed by Dave in a most fitting fashion, “Spencers hole is like the woman you take home from the bar; Neils wave at 3.02ft is like the woman you marry”. I’ll say no more.


Kayak Camera Mount

Okay, so its a bit rudimentary, but it works….Last week I spent a few hours figuring out how to attach my waterproof camera the front of my boat. The impetus for my foray into fabricating the mount was to film my friends and myself surfing ocean waves. As I’m fairly frugal and don’t want to buy a helmet cam, I decided to give this a whirl.



 Photo: The swiveling camera mount

I removed the front grab loop (not at all recommended) and inserted a 1/4″, 20 screw (with the head hacked off) into one of the holes. I then fitted a small ball camera mount the the screw. Locktight the camera mount into place; and hey presto a $20 solution to my issue. Time to test it at the pool…..