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Pre-premiere Paddle

theDave, Sandra (and 2 month old Timothy) and I headed to Eugene’s 24/7 for an hour before the “Night of the Living Donkey” and “Green Race” Oregon Premieres. It was a warmish, sunny evening and I was looking forward to getting my new Allstar on the river.  This may seem overly patriotic, but it was great to be paddling in welsh colors again (red and green…), particularly as we are doing so well in the 6-Nations Rugby right now….well done lads…and thanks to Setanta we can watch the matches live!

kate_welshcolors.JPG             welsh_flag.JPG 

Photo: Me in my welsh colours, looking a bit stern heavy- probs all the lion bars I ate at home in Wales…or the un-adjusted outfitting…or both

For this feature to be good the level of the water needs to be level with the lower concrete slap. On this occasion, 24/7 was surely low (by about a foot).  I definitely valued my face too much to try to get anything more that two ends -I kept hitting my stern on the second end on the concrete and I’m sure a third end would have had me face planting into the feature.

   step.JPG            dave_sandra_timothy.JPG    

Photo: The concrete step exposed and theDave initiating, with Sandra and Timothy watching!! 

The evening was rounded up by watching the premiere- both great movies- good job Spencer!


Kayak Double Bill- Weds 27 th Feb, 7 pm, Eugene

The Oregon Premiere of “Night of the Living Donkey” and “The Green Race” will be held on Weds 27 th February. Night of the Living Donkey is a kayaking film produced, edited and shot by Spencer Cooke and his entourage. Spencer’s past film “Enter the Donkey” was described as a sarcastic look at “a bunch of kayakers doing what they enjoy.” The Green Race Movie is a film that captures the grace and excitement of class V+ kayaking as well as the unique character of the Green Race. More short high energy films will be screened between the featured films.  This evening has been brought to you by (contact: Dave Villalobos, WK ambassador) and The City of Eugene. Best of all its FREE.

Check out Univeristy of Oregon OP for details or click on the flyer below for full size details:



Kayak Transport- Thai Style

I received this photo from Chad E., a blog reader currently based in Thailand. It’s possibly one of the coolest, most novel ways I’ve seen for getting boat to river- not to mention the reduced emissions. Thanks for sharing, Chad, and I hope to boat with you soon-I’ll even give you a ride to the river in a car.