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January Blues (Not!)

Alas, it is now a few weeks after Christmas and the post tryptophan blues are setting in. The nights are long; sunny days rare. Worst of all is coping with the depression of not getting the lamp I asked Santa to bring me. I’d been so good in 2007 too. Boo and bah humbug. What could I possibly do to cheer myself up? See a councillor? Take a pill?  No…order a new JK Rocker of course. 

 christmas_story_leg_lamp_large.jpg                              jacksonrocker07_300_450.jpg 

Ever since trying out Heather Herbecks, i’ve been itching to get my hands on one. Thanks to JK/worldkayak for hooking the sista up with this, the coolest of creekers. I can’t wait to take it down Opal Gorge…ahhh. Guess I’ll have to wait another year in hope of Santa delivering the magnificent illuminare extraordinaire. In the mean time, I’ll try not to ’shoot my eye out.’


Coastal Snow

This weekend saw quite an impressive weather pattern in coastal Oregon. Sun, hail, snow, wind, 35 ft swell, lightning all figured into it. Few times have I observed snow on the beach in Oregon, but as my friend Joe and I headed to the Lake Creek put in, along the coast road, we were treated to just such a rare occurrence. This, combined with pendulous thunder clouds and the peeling15 ft (15 sec period) swell rolling in, the senses were certainly awakened. Below we see Haceta Head and snowy dunes in Florence

 haceta.jpg  florence.jpg

With no sign of the  Corvallis crew at the take out we assumed (later confirmed) they couldn’t make it because of downed trees and snow. The Eugene crew were also out because of a landslide blocking the road. With this in mind, Joe and I opted for the Grassy Lawn park and play option. It was, shall we say, a brief excursion into the chilly waters. The photos below show Joe clearing woody debris off the road, launching at the boat ramp and playing.

trees.jpg  joeputin1.jpg  img_0576.JPG

However, surfing this feature was not our only prerogative during this trip. Prior to setting out I’d been charged with partaking in a very important, honorable mission. I’d been entrusted with recovering a pair of shuttle shoes belonging to Ryan. It was a mission which i’m pleased to say, we accomplished. Here’s a picture of the article in question.


Joe and I chilled (literally) at Grassy Lawn until it started snowing and the fog started to roll down from up-stream. Another great, allbeit short day on the river.


Happy New Year!

Part of the reason I love living in the Pacific Northwest is the variety of outside activities in which I can engage. Oregon’s geology, climate and precipitation make it a prime location for outdoor recreation. This year, instead of partaking in the usual New Years fun filled, PBR fueled, merriment I hit the hay early (but after midnight)  in anticipation of hitting the snow early on New Years Day. That was abnormal behavior for me- strange things like this have been happening to me all the time since I hit the big 3-0. Lucky for me I awoke (early and hangover free) to find a bright, sunny day and off I toddled to the snow. I went cross country skiing for the first time. Being a downhill snowboarder, I’d been under the false impression that cross country may not offer that full shot of adrenalin that boarding does. How wrong I was-especially when you dont know how to stop. Skiing cross country was an absolutely remarkable experience with the undulating trails empty of people and devoid of the noise of the chairlifts.  Best of all, it was free (and we all know kayakers are cheap, so I was super happy).

HAPPY NEW YEAR from a snowy sno park, somewhere near Sisters.

 deepsno.jpg  katesno.jpg


Lake Creek, Part Deux

Last weekend I had the pleasure of boating with the 13 year old ‘Wonder Midget’, Devin Morton. Devin is an incredible boater and his talents far exceed many boaters twice his age-not only is he a class V creeker but his advanced playing skills are well honed too. Dad Corey, Devin, Alex, Aaron, EJ and I headed to a low but runnable Lake Creek. For the first time, I ran the Horn upside down- unintentionally of course. I was spat out into what is usually a nice wave below it. At this level that wave was a sticky hole, but i flushed eventually. Then I went back in for a second ride, followed by Aaron (see photo [L]). It was not a wholly pleasant experience, but I’m glad i did it. I find its good for my psyche to choose to get beat up in hole once in while. Aaron’s rides were good. Just below the Horn are a set of ledge drops called….yep…you guessed it, Ledges. Corey had some good rides (photo [M]). Just below Ledges was Bus Stop- and we stopped here just to check it out (photo [R])

 aaron31.jpg  corey25.jpg  busstop25.jpg

Most of the features were small but usable at least for front surfs, back surfs, spins, cartwheels and blunts. Aaron even managed to get in a helix or two at grassy lawn. Devin was definitely the super star of the day, nailing his back stab time and time again. Here are some photos of Aaron on the Mill Wave.

   arron225.jpg  aaron25.jpg

I put together a short GOOGLE VIDEO OF LAKE CREEK so that readers can check the features at this low level.