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One Week Break

I am now entering the 5 day countdown to returning to Wales for vacation. This means it’s my ”do nothing week/ weekend”. Why, I hear you ask? You see, I’ve started a very unhealthy tradition of crashing my car the week before go home (this happened the last two times). This is in addition to the fact that the weekend before I flew home last time,  I had a little ‘mishap’ while creeking, resulting in two black eyes, a big lump on my forehead, swollen jaws and stitches in my chin. Oops. We have the incident on helmet cam, so expect a video some time in the future

 picture1.jpg  picture2.jpg

My mother specifically requested that I wouldn’t do anything ‘crazy’ this weekend…I’d better adhere to that. So learning to knit it is- Mum, Dad, I hope you are reading this and making note of my effort to remain as sessile as possible. It’s tough, but for your sake and the sake of my car and medical insurance premiums, I’ll do it.