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Greyhound Bus the Cheapest Way to Ship Kayaks within the US?

I’m sure some of you, like me, have sold used boats to buyers in far away locations. I’ve used companies such as Forward Air with great success. Recently I’ve been finding that traditional carriers such as FedEx have been reducing their dimensional weight limit, resulting in increased shipping costs. However, I’ve just been made aware of shipping via the Greyhound Bus Company. These guys use real dimensions for shipping, not dimensional weight – now thats’ a refreshing change. Packages need to be within the limit: 30 inches X 47 inches X 82 inches and <100 pounds in weight. Great for shipping playboats. The only downside (as far as I can tell) is that for some areas of the country maximum insurance liability value is $300.

And because I know kayakers are pretty savvy when it comes to saving money, for those of you who like to have a few more bucks in YOUR wallet, you can find a coupon for 25 % off your first shipment here (expires May 2008). Nice.