Lake Creek @ 12.5 ft

Yet another lake creek run was on the agenda last weekend. Some of the PXgirlpaddler crew (Ann, Amy and Kim) made the trek down and joined some of the regular cor-vegas crew for a great day on the river. At 12.5 feet the river was at optimium levels for a great play-day. A lot of the local pro-boaters were out and one even surfed bus stop. Grassy lawn eddy was definately a party eddy (with about 20 people in it). We played a couple of times on grassy prior to heading down stream, bumping into ryan and pete on the way. After the run was done, we headed back up to park and play at a now empty grassy lawn until we were exhausted.

amyanddave.jpg  gbusygrassy.jpg  busstopsurf.jpg  kimgrassy.jpg

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