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January Blues (Not!)

Alas, it is now a few weeks after Christmas and the post tryptophan blues are setting in. The nights are long; sunny days rare. Worst of all is coping with the depression of not getting the lamp I asked Santa to bring me. I’d been so good in 2007 too. Boo and bah humbug. What could I possibly do to cheer myself up? See a councillor? Take a pill?  No…order a new JK Rocker of course. 

 christmas_story_leg_lamp_large.jpg                              jacksonrocker07_300_450.jpg 

Ever since trying out Heather Herbecks, i’ve been itching to get my hands on one. Thanks to JK/worldkayak for hooking the sista up with this, the coolest of creekers. I can’t wait to take it down Opal Gorge…ahhh. Guess I’ll have to wait another year in hope of Santa delivering the magnificent illuminare extraordinaire. In the mean time, I’ll try not to ’shoot my eye out.’