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Lake Creek, Part Deux

Last weekend I had the pleasure of boating with the 13 year old ‘Wonder Midget’, Devin Morton. Devin is an incredible boater and his talents far exceed many boaters twice his age-not only is he a class V creeker but his advanced playing skills are well honed too. Dad Corey, Devin, Alex, Aaron, EJ and I headed to a low but runnable Lake Creek. For the first time, I ran the Horn upside down- unintentionally of course. I was spat out into what is usually a nice wave below it. At this level that wave was a sticky hole, but i flushed eventually. Then I went back in for a second ride, followed by Aaron (see photo [L]). It was not a wholly pleasant experience, but I’m glad i did it. I find its good for my psyche to choose to get beat up in hole once in while. Aaron’s rides were good. Just below the Horn are a set of ledge drops called….yep…you guessed it, Ledges. Corey had some good rides (photo [M]). Just below Ledges was Bus Stop- and we stopped here just to check it out (photo [R])

 aaron31.jpg  corey25.jpg  busstop25.jpg

Most of the features were small but usable at least for front surfs, back surfs, spins, cartwheels and blunts. Aaron even managed to get in a helix or two at grassy lawn. Devin was definitely the super star of the day, nailing his back stab time and time again. Here are some photos of Aaron on the Mill Wave.

   arron225.jpg  aaron25.jpg

I put together a short GOOGLE VIDEO OF LAKE CREEK so that readers can check the features at this low level.