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Good Surf Continues

The turkey took its toll on me and I couldnt make it into the water. But I took some photos of the small but shapely surf.  The east wind was blowing with quite some force and gave some spectacular spray off the back of the waves.

backsurf.JPG  surf-ag.JPG  swells.JPG



Surfs Up!

Part of the rigmarole of surfing is deciding on the surf-spot. This can mean the difference between a mediocre experience and the ultimate shred. I choose surf spots dependant on my mood- slow waves for when I want to be mellow and steep and fast for days when I want to be challenged. The surf was fantastic yesterday and I was going shopping in Lincoln City which gave me a chance to check all the surf spots around Newport. Here are some spots.

moolack.JPG    agate.JPG    southbeach.JPG    southbeach2.JPG

I opted for South Beach. This was a mistake becuase the beach break was closing out and with my current neck injury i considered it too much of a risk to push through it-the only way out for me is to use a rip. That means Agate next time. In order to wash the salt out of my kit i went for a flat water paddle on Beaver Creek, Ona Beach. Delightful. This is where I flatwater paddle. And of course, after the session the was the sunset and moon rising to look forward too. I beleive the sunsets are far more impressive in winter than in summer

beavercreek.JPG  moon.JPG  sunset1.JPG

The perfect end to the day! And I just heard the surf is TOW-IN size at south beach, with an east wind! Im headed there to take photos before eating Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!



Nada Surf

I had my playboat and my surf boat loaded on my car and I was torn about what to do. I wrongly ditched the playspot on the Siletz on Saturday in favor of surfing under the bridge in Newport. I should have called my buddies for a surf report prior to setting off. Surf was a miserable one foot and choppy. I heard reports there were some people out a bit earlier…guess they desperate.

car.JPG   bridge.JPG   waves.JPG

Under the bridge at  Newport is a fun spot when its too big to get out in the regular surf. Not really a good place for surf kayakers becuase its usually crowded with beginner surfers. Kayakers should be aware that if they wish to surf this spot they should have surf experience, be in control and know ettiquette rules. Additionally,  its advisable to surf only in surf kayaks or playboats or the coast guard will come and tell you get out of the water.


Frowny Hole on the Siletz

My friend Joe D. and I stumbled upon this little beauty about 2 years ago, that i’ve named “Frowny Hole”. Many people have questioned this spot’s existance and may explain why I’ve never seen anyone else play there; ever. It’s the only local park and play spot I know of close to Newport and its a favourite of mine for loops. This spot gets better, the higher the level. Eddy service is great, but don’t go with more than 2 of you or it will be crowded. I saw the predicted river levels and though that this spot would be in…so i headed up to take a few snaps.

frowny.JPG  siletz1.JPG

I decided not to head out becuase i was hoping that the surf under the bridge in Newport would be in….


Premiere of Jason Rackley’s “Surf Riders” Video

Jason has kindly permitted me premiere his kayak surf video entitled “Surf Riders”. Footage was recorded in November, 2006 on a large swell day. Given that my largest passion in life is to kayak surf , it is somewhat predictable that this video is my favorite presentation;  4 seasons on the Gauley comes a close second.  



Ladies Playboating Clinic

Last Sunday WKCC hosted a ladies playboating clinic on the Mehama to Stayton run (N. Santiam). There were 9 ladies (from PDX, “Cor-vegas” and Eugene) and it was great to meet and paddle with new and old faces. theDave heard 9 ladies would be there and snook into the clinic; he didnt even bother to shave to try to fit in- the cheek of it! EJ Etherington kindly joined us as our guest instructor. The focus of the day was to surf on the Dead Cow Wave but we also had many opportunities to play along the way. We practiced double pumps and flatwater cartwheels on the flatwater sections. We also spent some time working on stern squirts and enders at eddy lines. Everyone styled the stern squirts and a few of the ladies were leading into cartwheels from their enders. Great to watch. We arrived at the wave to find it was a little on the high end- 3030 CFS; but still fun. Here are some select photos from the event, thanks to EJ Etherington. (L to R) Cate surfing her C1, me going for a bounce before a blunt, Ashley taking a break in the sun and Grace happy to be on the water. Further photos (by EJ) can be found here

cate.jpg     kate_blunt.jpg    ashley.jpg    grace.jpg

I also put together a video of us squirting, surfing and hanging out…


…it may be helpful to take a peak at it for some video analysis.



Halloween at Long Tom….Muah..ha…ha

Steve, Dave and I headed to Long Tom the day after hallowen. Steve brought his favourite disguise (which im sure pulls all the lady folk…) and we headed out to the wave. It was a little disconcerting surfing with Steve looking like he’d been decomposing for a while. I must admit, the wig really helped stay warm that night. Photo’s are from Dave Porter

kate_scary.jpg   steve_scary.jpg  kate_steve.jpg  kate_steve_halloween.jpg 


Return to the Dead Cow wave

Dave, James and I headed down the North Santiam on Saturday. The level was higher than the last time we were there (it was 3000 CFS on the Mehama guage). With the numerous places to practice flatwater cartwheels and eddies to stern squirt in and out of, the 3 mile class two paddle in passed easily. I realised quickly when we got to the wave that this flow is optimum for this wave. The pile was backed up more and the wave was a tad steeper than at 2600CFS. The only downside was that it was not as wide and so it was hard to have multiple people on the wave. Spins were easy. The highlight for me was learning to surf aggresively and blunt under James’ expert tutition. I may have got one or two blunts, but none with the style and eleveation that James had. He was getting left and right blunts, but i definately found rights easier.

Here are some photos. I like the one of James initiating his blunt. Perfect amount of edge.

james_bowstall.JPG  kate_sternsquirt.JPG  james_squirt.JPG  james_rightblunt.JPG  dave_wave.JPG  dave_slide.JPG