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Kayak Surf Worlds

The Kayak Surf World Championships just wrapped up in Mundaka/ Baiko, Spain. It sounds like it was a successful event. I received an email from Jameson Riser yesterday about the long boat (IC) finals. It sounds like all the women surfed well and Jameson is coming back to the Pacific Northwest with the Silver Medal. I’m super-pleased for her. I’ve been in contact with Jameson for about 2 years about kayak surfing and surf competitions and have had the pleasure of surfing with her a handful of times; her teaching skills are awesome and she is actively encouraging and informative. I’m looking forward to catching her in the surf soon! WELL DONE to my local hero- you soooooooo deserve this! The pictures I have seen show some heavy, fast breaks. 

Devon Barker posted a video of her rides in women’s short boat (HP) final on the JK website-all i can say is GNARLY, lady, and way to hang in there. That was some serious beach break.


Not quite kayaking, but just as much fun…

Below is a picture of the surf looking towards Agate Beach, Newport on Saturday.



I blew off boating this weekend to hang out with friends at the coast. Surf was about chest high on saturday and looked super fun, but i didnt have time to surf. Sunday was about 7 ft and messy. There was also talk of a shark at south beach jetty so it was easy to make the descision to go for a greasy fry up instead. Here are some photos from the Rouge House Of Spirit’s Party. Kudos to Greg for organizing.

  jen.JPG  fire_dancer2.JPG  fire_dance_3.JPG  chris_erin.JPG  kate-_jos.JPG  namisha.JPG


Long Tom @ 1100 CFS

Long Tom flow was increased to 1100 and fancied doing some playboating. I checked the lunar state earlier this week and realised it would be a close to a full moon. We had clear skies and good wether so I emailed the guys in Eugene about a sunset and moonlight surf. Steve had the great idea of having a BBQ. Steve, Bob, Dave, Pete and I headed out for a quick spin as the sun was setting and the moon was rising.  

 moon.JPG  pete_and_bob.JPG    

 At this level, the pile is much better and cartwheeling much easier. Tonnes of places to spin and Dave and Bob even got a loop. One bratwurst later, we hopped back in our boats and headed out as the moon was coming up past the trees. It was a phenomenal experience. The moon was so bright it was like having a flood light on the water. Here are some photos- moon rising, Dave and Steve in the eddy and Pete at the cartwheel spot. Nice.

            moon_rising.JPG      dave_and_steve.JPG      pete.JPG


Long Tom @ 800 CFS

Steve and I headed to Long Tom last Thursday with a bit higher flow (200 CFS) than previous occasions. Ryan and Pete were also there. The wave/hole at this level looks river wide, but its actaully not sticky and it had a bit more of a pile to back it up. Tonnes of fun and at surfers left a cartwheel spot begins to open up. Steve busted out the hand paddles (see photo) and Ryan shows us the cartwheel spot- sadly i only got one photo and it was while he was flushing.

steve_hand_paddles.JPG    ryan_flush.JPG


Is this the new Jackson ‘OC2K1′combo?

I’d like to see Mr Jackson blunt this one at Bussie!


Can’t vouch for the stablity/ saftey of this one, and its definately not recommended, but it was fun to go for a spin in it.


Dead Cow Wave

The legend of the dead cow goes something like this. …The corvallis duo that is EJ and James can usually be found exploring the Class V creeks of Oregon’s headwaters and drainages, but sometime last year they decided to go exploring a class II section of the N. Santiam.  Alas, 1/2 way down the run, EJ stumbled upon a dead cow in the water. But that wasn’t their only find, by any means. The wave next to the dead cow proved to be well worth the 7 miles of picturesque class II water.  I was lucky enough for them to share the location of the wave with me. Here are some photos from yesterday’s trip.

blunt.JPG   ryan.JPG   jesse.JPG   canoe_2.JPG

(L to R) James getting in a nice right blunt on the far wave, while Jesse T. surfs the inside wave.  Ryan K. and Jesse T , lovin’ the wave. And finally Mr Stuckmeyer and theDave styling the Dead Cow.



Wave/hole on Long Tom River, Eugene

Commonly refered to as ‘butthole’ wave, this is a little gem that Steve located a week or two ago and shared it with Dave and I. The feature got its name as it is where located where the river comes out from the dam, hence butthole of the dam (CFS in this photo was 600). This feature should not be confused with the shallow, hole that forms immediately at the base of the dam, but is about 200 meters downstream of the dam- at the end of kirk park parking lot. Its a fun little drop that is rip-rapped either side. The drop gives rise to two little waves, both backed up by a small pile. The wave on river right (surfers left) is a pretty flushy, but its still possible to spin in there. The wave/ hole on river left (surfers right) is a bit stickier and is a great place to practice using the low brace for moving back and for in hole. The low brace is a really imortant stroke to master as a lot of playboting moves are initiated with it. Fun fun fun. I’m sure its possible, if you were talented enough, to get a back stab on the river left hole. Here are some photos of Steve and I. Wonder what it’ll be like when they start cranking the release from the dam.

kate_1.JPG steve.JPG steve_2.JPG kate_2.JPG