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Sunday on the Teiton

The Teiton River is located fairly close to Yakima, Wa. Its dam release and only flows in September, with the water used for irrigation of nearby fruit farms. Its a fast flowing, narrow-channel river with few eddies and much river traffic. We ran it on Sunday as part of Wet Planets paddle and pamper series. This playboating class was taught by Heather Herbeck and Christie Glissmeyer. We spent some time on flatwater moves then headed down stream. The topography of the river and the flow that we had gave rise to large wave trains over which we practiced wave wheels and airscrews. At available eddies we spent time practicing stern squirts. I think eveyone on the course managed to do at least one or two, after coaching. 

The main attraction for me though was the wave feature at the brigde. It’s a pretty shallow wave, with shoulders either side of the dynamic wave pile. It’s a forgiving play spot (becuase it doesnt have a hole) unlike spencers, with a small amount of attainment needed to get the service eddy. Ferrying onto the wave was fine, but it was nessecary to place a left rudder as the boat hit the pile to stay on the wave and not get flushed. Spins were fine, but a full 360 would lead to flushing, so it was necsesary to pause for 1 second in a back surf to fall back down the pile to complete the spin. There is also a nice spot to set up for a right blunt. Christie and Heather spent time coaching me and how to set up for it, and although i dont have it yet i know how to set up for it now. I think I may have managed a roundhouse once, but not a full blunt. Grace managed to do the same thing. Megi had the longest ride ever, to the point i was thinking about going in there to nudge her off! All the ladies on the course learnt tonnes and were surfing the wave well. A very good course to take, if you are looking to become a playboater.




Saturday on the Middle White

Although I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the water here in Oregon, I still hadn’t got around to kayaking the middle white salmon until last weekend. It was at about 1 foot. I ran the truss last year at about 1ft 8 inches, and that was low, so this was significantly lower. I demoed the famous pink rocker from Heather and headed down with James. It was a really mellow run at this level. The Rocker performed very well and it reminded me of my old Jefe. Getting it on edge is key to turning both of those boats in and out of eddies and they also respond better to sweeps than dufeks. Primary stability was better, i think, in the Rocker; that said, the secondary stability of the Jefe is phenomenal. Choosing which creek boat to buiy next is painful- either another Jefe or a Rocker…

After spending many hours in creekboats, a point I always consider is outfitting. The Jefe outfitting is second to none and im interested to see the ’improved outfitting’ in the new, 2007 Jefe. I thought they surely couldnt improve the outfitting of the old Jefe. The rocker was very comfortable too. Both boats boof well. Both boats have simialr volume and are really well balanced. Both boats weigh about the same…I may just go for the Rocker for a change…


White salmon cave

  img_2235.JPG   img_2236.JPG

James running Husam. My neck hurt so i didnt run it.


Spencers last Thursday

The Corn valley crew headed up to Spencers last week for one of our final late summer flings. I have a small neck injury so wasnt able to go full out in the hole, but i did manage to film our crew showing off some of their multitude of skills. I filmed just 5 minutes and edited it into this video. These were not the best rides, just a random 5 minutes of what is usually a 2 hour session. At this flow Spencers is NICE,  with the attainment more challenging but still totally do-able.




Playing on the Willamette

After the surfrider event, hightlighting how dirty the Willamette is , theDave and I spent some time playing around the flat water dock.  Not advised as the water is nasty and leaves a pungent chemical smell on all your boating equipment. theDave gave a nice demo of how to hop up onto the dock without getting out of his boat. This move is also good practice for learning to bow stall. He was also practicing his back deck rolls. I was trying to improve my flat water cartwheels.


If you watch the video, you’ll see that i dont have enough edge dropped for my bow portion of the cartwheel and so i cant get vertical on the front end, and end up burying the bow just a couple of inches. The stern seemed to be okay. I may try moving the seat forward a bit and see if this helps…im guessing its my body position thats wrong tho and not the seat position. I’ll keep practicing…

I cant wait for this weekend. Grace, Megi and myself are heading to the Teiton for a course with Christie Glissmeyer and Heather Herbeck. Should be fun and very educational.


A productive Saturday on the Willamette River

Last Saturday, Dave and I headed up to PDX to participate in a ‘Paddle Out’, organized by the Portland Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. The focus was to highlight water quality issues in the city of Portland and surrounding watershed, through to the ocean. The event was well attended by both surfers and kayakers. We paddled out underneath Hawthorne Bridge and made as much noise as we could, to attract attention to our plight. The event drew some media attention in the form of Awesome Surf Videos, who were there to film the event. Thanks to Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe who gave free kayak rentals for the event. Good to meet Chris from the OOPs kayak group too. Here are some photos from the event.

 surfrider21.jpg  surfrider1.jpg


Piccies of 24/7 and Cotton Candy

Last Tuesday, Dave and I headed out with Steve Stuckmayer to play a bit at the cotton candy wave on the Willamette and then head to 24/7 on the canal. Levels were a bit higher in the canal than previous excursions making the hole less retentive. At this increased level, I really had to be on top of my moves. I could only manage two ends of my cartwheel in the hole; loop training was great. Steve was content not to clonk his long arse boat on the concrete and Dave was getting vertical, as usual.

We took some photos. Here is Mr Stuckmayer and Aaron from the Epicocity crew livin’ it up on cotton candy. Also included is the surfers view of the I5 bridge from cotton candy. Lovely.

imgp1576.jpe       imgp1585.jpe     imgp1577.jpe

 Here’s Dave and I having fun at 24/7

imgp1591.jpe     katewheela.jpg

Hope to get on the water again soon!