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Stonycreek Rendezvous – WK Hometown Throwdown at the Stonycreek Whitewater Park #2

This years playboating competition was a great show of what could be done at the playpark. The event saw boaters from all over the mid-atlantic competing for fame, fortune, and most importantly the infamous Stonycreek Rendezvous River Rock ( Hand Painted ) trophies. With these babiesup for grabs the competition was fierce. There were some old friends and some new faces tearing up the park, as well some Sup’ers got in on the action and provided some great examples of how much fun you can have on a river wave ( well it’s actually more of a hole but try explaining that to non-boaters :) )

We had a total of 23 competitors filling up 5 classes covering : womens / M’s Beginner / M’s Intermediate / M’s Advanced / SUP.

In the classes :

Women’s : Amie Hill , Shelby Stine , Maria Stine , Erica Cheyney , Evy Schiers
M’s Beginner : Mike Maloney , Jeff Felton , Seth Burdette , Justin Slagle , Zach Yomboro , Scott Mabel
M’s Intermediate : Zach Reigel , Jack Hill , Dave Berkebile , Chris Lee , Ian Miller
M’s Advanced : Erik Johnson , Seth Chapelle , Eli Loiben , Matt Booth
SUP : Andy Smith , Ian Smith , Rob Mazzetti

Another post with results and more pics and hopefully some video is on the way so stay tuned :)

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