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Valley Falls Race – This Sunday July 21

Top Left side of Valley Falls

Come all you hucksters for the rebirth of the Valley Falls Race this coming Sunday July 21. This will be a time trial race and each paddler will get one run to post their fastest time. There will be classes for the following : Long boat, short boat, OC1, OC2, K2, C1, men’s, women’s and jr’s ( Organizers reserve the right to group classes depending on class size) . There will aslo be two categories to race in :

1. Advanced : this class will start above both falls and sprint through the first rapid after the falls to the finish line.

2. Expert : this class will also start above both falls and sprint all the way through hamburger helper & twist & shout with a finish line below.

Boofing the spout on the bottom falls

Being a World Kayak sponsored event, there is NO entry fee, and we have a variety of prizes which will be handed out via drawing to all participants.

Location : Valley Falls State Park, Fairmont West Virginia or Valley Falls AW Page

Registration Time : 9:00 am – 11:00 am ( paddlers can show up to take as many practice runs as they can squeeze in )


Race Start : Advanced Class – 11:15 am
Expert Class – Immediately following advanced class

In the event that the water is high the race will be rescheduled. High water is anything over 4.7 per the gauge referenced on AW.

If you plan on racing and have a moment please email me with your name, age, and desired class(s), indicate expert/advanced –

If you have any questions about the race you can email or call me :

Jason Rigby

2013 Stonycreek Rendezvous May 17-19 : Freestyle Rodeo & BoaterCross

This years Rendezvous is the weekend of Friday May 17 through Sunday May 19 at Greenhouse Park on Tirehill Road, in Johnstown, PA. There will be full 500 CFS whitewater releases all three days GUARANTEEING GOOD FLOWS for the entire weekend. For those that haven’t paddled the river with just the release, 500 CFS brings the river up to about 3ft. on the put-in bridge gauge which makes for a great playboating level and dozens of playspots all down the run.

The weekends paddling events include :

Friday May 17th – Class II – III Downriver Race : Starts at Carpenter Park ( take-out for Stony Canyon Run ) and ends at the Playpark/Festival site. Registration starts at 5:00 race starts at 6:30. Follow this link to pre-register.

Saturday May 18th – Class I Downriver Race : The Saturday River Race from Greenhouse Park to the Inclined Plane in Johnstown. This is a 7 mile race on a class I section (One Class 2 ) of the Stonycreek River. Particpants can utilize any craft they choose with classes for both doubles and singles. Registration 11:30 – 12:30 Race starts promptly at 1:00 pm. This is a fun family oriented race. Follow this link to pre-register.

Team "CR" representin'

Saturday May 18th – Freestyle Rodeo : Classes for all craft will be made based on # of participants. This is a fun, friendly event, and as a World Kayak HomeTown ThrowDown, we encourage anyone who’s take a spin in a hole to come out, compete, and most importantly have fun. The Stonycreek Rock Trophies are up for grabs as well as ton’s of schwagg from the generous World Kayak sponsors. Registration starts at 1:00 event starts promptly ( in kayak time ) at 2:00. Pre-registration is APPRECIATED. Pre-register Here :)

Saturday May 18th – PlayBoaterX Cross Race : Our 6th year for this fun spectator friendly event. This event will start right after the Rodeo. Paddlers will be grouped into heats and navigate from the top of the playpark through a set course with a finish line just beyond the main playpark wave. All paddlers will get at least 2 runs in the attempt to make it to the championship bracket. Stonycreek River Rock Trophies are up for grabs as well as TONS o’ Schwagg from the generous World Kayak sponsors. Pre-registration is APPRECIATED. Pre-register here.

Stonycreek Rendezvous Playboater X race

Camping is available at the festival site and food, beer, and gear vendors will be on site all weekend.

For more details and information check out Benscreek Canoe Club’s Site / or on FaceBook at World Kayak Western PA Region

If those don’t help :

Jason Rigby

Hope to see you on the RIVER!!!!

Railroad Cut Falls Makes SIK Starting line for Wills Creek Race

Kirk Meixner enters the top slide on Railroad Cut Falls

With the Stakeout format in full swing, early in the week the water was up everywhere, initially creating a variety of options. As the snow finished melting and the rains rolled slowly Will’s Creek in Fairhope, Pennsylvania provided the location of the 2nd Race in the World Kayak; Western PA Region Creek Race Series. I must admit, I had never run Will’s Creek, but the pics and beta on Railroad falls, Yo-Yo rapid, and some great class 3-4 boogie water got me stoked for a great race. Upon reaching reaching the tiny hamlet of Fairhope, PA as I was about to cross the railroad tracks ( By the way, if you come here there are a million trains that come by ), I looked upstream to see one epic set of steep ledges that came after rounding a bend culminating in a steep ledge hole… Simply sik!
Racers taking turns for a practice run through Railroad Cut Falls... This is the lead in before things get steep.
The format for the race was a time trial, with racers starting in the pool above Railroad Cut Falls as paddlers had to navigate the biggest drop of the run right at the beginning. The race ended at the public playground and beach area about 3.4 miles from the put-in. Once the race started, boaters went one after the other and started once the paddler in front cleared the bottom hole of Railroad Cut Falls. While the holes on this great drop grabbed a few boaters and knocked a couple out of the optimal race line….all racers navigated successfully. Water levels were just right this day to provide a good level to navigate the big drop safely and enough water down the course to make for a good race… The level on this day was around 400cfs, and per Bobby the “Zone Dog” Miller, when this run gets bigger around 700cfs + Railroad Cut Falls becomes a beast of 4 stacked back to back ledge holes with the hole at the bottom big enough to dish out some serious beatdowns for the off-line paddler.

Heading for the bottom hole

Disappearing in the hole

almost out...
11 racers all in short boats with one lone hand paddler in the mix ( Shout out to Steve “Iron Man” Kroser ) competed for fame , glory, and some pretty great swag and prizes from our World Kayak sponsors.

Results :
1. Bobby Miller : 34:01
2. David Carey : 34:37
3. Brian Kish : 34:57
4. Eli Loiben : 36:03
5. Bill Warble : 36:16
6. Jon Ludwick : 36:39
7. Zach Yomboro : 37:23
8. Seth Burdette : 37:36
9. Kirk Meixner : 38:25
10. Adam Retig : 39:43
11. Steve Kroser : 47:54 – #1 Hand Paddler and New Hand Paddler speed record for Wills’ Creek :)

For more pics check us out on Face Book

Paint Creek Race : W.PA Region Creek Race Series Event #2

Catwalk Falls ... about 1/3 into the run

Paint Creek Race : This will be a time trial format. Depending on water levels race will either cover entire run or the same section of the creek that was run last year. This will be a race day decision depending on the water levels at the time of the race…. Last years course started in an eddy on river left above Big falls and finished after Road Hole rapid by paddlers touching the river left beach with either boat, paddle, or body….Short course includes the following rapids in order : (start) Big Falls, Big Sluice, Mama’s Crack, 1/3 mile of class 3/4 boogie, Road Hole (finish)

If we run the entire creek it will be 1 run per racer, if we run the shorter course it will be two laps with awards for fastest single lap and combined time.

MouseTrap...the crux move at the top

Mousetrap from below

Registration will go from 9:30 to 10:30 race starting promptly at 10:30….

To register online clicky here..

For more information or questions :
Jason Rigby
412-610-2303 Mobile

Here’s a video of the entire run by a member of TRPC…It’s his first time down the creek and the level was -6

Lower Big Sandy Race Results : Event #1 of Western PA Region Creek Race Series

Racers getting registered and geared up for the frigid conditions...

Well the weather was cold but the spirits were high as 13 hearty souls braved freezing temps and crazy winds to compete in the second annual W. PA Creek Race Series. The Lower Big Sandy Creek was the scene for our first race of the year with water levels at a low but runnable 5.6 the event was a mass start with paddlers in 3 categories (6)Long, (6) Short, and 1 lone Hand Paddler. The action was fierce in all classes with a sprint towards wonder falls determining the overall winner and leading to the swimming of one competitor who got pushed off-line as they approached the drop. Good thing his mammalian diving reflexes didn’t let him down, and after a short underwater disco, he found relief that only pulling your skirt can provide.

Eli and Jeff at the lip of Wonder... a sign of things to come

Mr. Blood - Pre-Hand Relief....

and Mr. Blood post-hand relief...fresh air never tasted worse....

And I need to at least give a big shout out to Nick Simpson winner of the SClass for throwing a SIC switch freewheel off the falls on his way to the number one spot.

And with no further ado…the winners are :

1. Caleb Adams
2. Chris Kyle
3. Eli Loiben
4. Kyle Mandler
5. Eric Bartt
6. Jeff Blood

1. Nick Simpson (Green, Pyr, Shiva )
2. Nori Onishi (Yellow, Prijon, Pure )
3. Bill Warble ( Black, LL, Stomper )
4. Abed Borsa (Yellow, Dagger, Mamba )
5. Zach Yomboro (Black, LL, Stomper )
6. Adam Baker (Multi, Dagger, RPM )

1. Steve Kroser

Nick throwing it down switch style...on his way to first place

For a full photo account of the race check us out on FaceBook : World Kayak Western PA Region

Stayed tuned…There’s another race this coming Saturday February 23…Another post with full details will follow.

Western PA Region Creek Race Series , First Event : Lower Big Sandy

Eli boofing Wonder Falls 25 yards from the finish line...

Well it’s time for our first event of the year. Of course in my attempt to set up a format that would help ensure water is available we look at the potential for a low water run. However, the course for the first race goes great even with lower flows so it should be a good one. This event will be on the Lower Big Sandy, and will start above the bridge in Rockville with the finish line at the pyramid rock in the river left flow after Wonder Falls. The race will be a mass start for each class.

Matt Pascal Charging for the finish line... Pyramid Rock river left flow after Wonder Falls

Classes will be determined the day of the race. So here’s the lowdown :

Event Location : Lower Big Sandy, Bruceton Mills WV : Rockville put-in meeting and race start

Registration : 9:30

Race Start : 10:30

Format : Mass Start

To pre-register : Click Here ( If you want to get ranked and help support this great grass-root completely volunteer organization there is a $10 fee )

Last years winner Caleb Adams said he looks forward to defending his title after a tough battle to first place last year.

For those wishing to run the entire LBS, please make sure to pre-register and/or have your shuttle set prior to the race time…

Any questions hit me up :

Jason Rigby
412-610-2303 Mobile

2013 Western PA Region Creek Race Series

The creek race series for 2013 will feature 4 Creek Races on 4 of the following 5 streams :

Wonder Falls Lower Big Sandy : WV

1. Lower Big Sandy, Bruceton Mills WV
2. Meadow Run, Ohiopyle PA
3. Paint Creek, Johnstown PA
4. Indian Creek, Camp Carmel PA
5. Wills Creek, Fairhope PA

The format will be “stakeout” based in that I will post a date for the races 2 in February and 2 in march, and the week of the race I will hold the event at the location with the best water levels for that week depending on current conditions and forecast. Depending on which creek we are racing the format will either be a time trial (Paint Creek, Meadow) or a Mass Start (LBS, Indian, Wills) which will also be timed. This format will allow us to stick to a schedule and have flexibility due to water levels.

All participants will be entered into drawings for great prizes from the World Kayak sponsors. We are also looking for other sponsors for this series so if you know anyone please share the event info.

Dates as follows :

Saturday February 16, 2013
Saturday February 23, 2013
Saturday March 16, 2013
Saturday March 23, 2013

Should inclement weather or low water make us miss any of the above dates the make up dates will be in April. Worst case scenario would be if we are forced to hold more than 1 event on the same creek.

Classes will be set the day of the races based upon the # of participants. We do reserve the right to group classes based upon turnout.

Paddlers will receive points for each race participated in with the cumulative points to determine the overall CHAMPION.

Please register on-line at the OFFICIAL REGISTRATION (CLICK AND SCROLL TO FIND WESTERN PA REGION ). Races are not yet posted for registration.I will make another post with link when the races are officially entered into the system, but all races will be listed at the link already provided.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email. I am also in need of volunteers to help with race day stuff like check-in/registration, timing, safety, photo/video. If you aren’t into racing and would like to help hit me up.

Keep on the lookout for more info…

Contact :
Jason Rigby
Mobile : 412-610-2303
email :

W.PA Region HomeTown ThrowDown #3 : @ Stonycreek River of the Year Celebration June 16

Paddlers Battling it out in the BoaterCross

The Stonycreek River has won the distinction of River of the Year for the State of Pennsylvania. Thanks to thousands of boaters and river enthusiasts across the state the Stony was named for the tireless efforts of the Benscreek Canoe Club, SCRIP, and the man other non-profit and local government groups that have helped to restore life and recreation to the Stonycreek River.

In celebration of this great award the Conemaugh/Somerset Township and the Benscreek Canoe Club have joined forces to create a weekend of river recreation and celebration. There will be scheduled releases from the Quemahoning Reservoir both Saturday June 16 and Sunday June 17. Water is on at 7 am and will hit the canyon section of the Stony around 10 am with the last water at the put-in around 2pm. Water will hit the playpark at approximately 12-1 and last till 4-5 respectively.

Kirk Meixner getting vertical

HomeTown ThrowDown #3 will take place on Saturday June 16 with registration starting at 12 till approximately 2:00 when we will then have a freestyle rodeo followed by a boatercross competition. You can register for the days events by following this ( REGISTER FOR HOMETOWN THROWDOWN #3 ) As always we have a ton of Schwagg for the competitors and it’s not to late to compete for the overall series championships which will be held in october/september.

Please if you are even considering attending PRE-REGISTER it just saves me a ton of time on competition day.

Any questions or inquiries : Jay Rigby
Email :
Mobile : 412-610-2303

Stonycreek Rendezvous 2012 Biggest Year Ever !!!

Competitor Chris Lee lining up the sweet spot at the playpark hole

The 2012 Stonycreek Rendezvous saw the largest crowds ever for this annual event. We had campers arriving as early as Thursday night before the festival to nab the good camping spots and the all too coveted pavilions. This year no shelter from the rain was necessary as warm sunny skies treated boaters to 3 awesome days of boating and with the first full releases of 500cfs from the Quemahoning Reservoir the flows were perfect for playboating this classic run. With over 50 play spots along the main Stonycreek Canyon run and the playpark located right next to the festival kayakers were able to paddle till their arms fell off.

Expert Class competitors Erik Johnson and Seth Chapelle

The HomeTown ThrowDown events for this years festival included the Freestyle Rodeo held right at the playpark hole and a PlayboaterX race through the length of the park with a finish right beyond the playhole. The freestyle event featured some touch battles in both the Intermediate and the Expert classes with Jtown local and up & coming freestyler Zach Georgevich narrowly defeating Fluid sponsored paddler Bobby Miller who was competing in the new L Dope playboat. Zach’s high flying loops and consistent rides showed that the home river advantage really does pay off. In the Expert Class Team USA C1 paddler Seth Chapelle competed against the double bladed Erik Johnson. Seth’s sic rides consisted of a flurry of ends and split wheels with some well executed phonix monkeys and back loops to take the 1st place Stonycreek River Rock Trophy. Check out some of Seth’s action here. A big shout out goes to Dale Briggs for taking the time to video and edit a number of excellent clips of the weekend’s action. Thanks Dale.
And let’s not forget the ladies of the Rendezvous, as long time rendezvous goer Shelby Stine spun her way to another first place victory followed closely by new comer Sarah Hammond.

Rodeo Results
Expert :
1. Seth Chapelle : Score 785
2. Erik Johnson : Score 775
Intermediate :
1. Zach Georgevich : Score 269
2. Bobby Miller : Score 267
3. Pete Strack : Score 247
4. Chris Lee : Score 189
5. Chris Malec : Score 145
6. Ben West : Score 130
Novice :
1. Mike Maloney : Score 100
2. Justin Slagle : Score 76
3. Ron Rash : Score 65
4. Mike Carter : Score 61
Women’s Novice
1. Shelby Stine : Score 104
2. Sarah Hammond : Score 68

And finally the Playboater X race rounded out the whitewater boating events. The playboaterX competitors started above the playpark in 3 heats of 4 boaters with the top two finishers moving on to the final heat. The women’s had 3 competitors and the ladies ran one lap. The course was pretty brutal with racers coming through the top of the course and then catching an eddy behind the large pourover at the top of the course and then ferrying up and around the boulder , once past the pourover racers had to navigate to the river right side of the park and through a couple more boulders followed by a big ferry all the way across the current into the far river left eddy and up around another boulder before finishing with a final sprint through the playparks main feature and finishing at the large boulder in the eddy after the play hole. Bobby Miller somehow mustered up the energy to pull out a win over local expert Erik Johnson in 2nd with Chris Lee making it a strong fight for third. The ladies heat saw Alena Tan take the gold ( er first place rock trophy ) with Shelby Stine in 2nd followed by Sarah Hammond in 3rd.

All the boaters were super stoked to have their chance at some really sic prizes courtesy of the generous World Kayak sponsors. Erik Johnson was big pimp’n in his new Serpico Shades courtesy of Smith Optics, and there were smiles on a couple boaters faces as they picked up Shred Ready Pro Deal cards for a new lid. Mountain khakis were another big prize item with a $75 gift card and the remaining sponsors provided enough schwagg that everyone went home with a prize. SWEET !!!

Click here for a long video featuring the rendezvous and some weekend fun.

Stonycreek Rendezvous 2012 May 18-20 : HomeTown ThrowDown #2

Stonycreek Rendezvous is fast approaching and is less than a week away. For 2012 the Rendezvous will have a full 500cfs release on top of natural flows. With the water that’s in the river now and coming in the forecast it should be an amazing weekend of boating, friends, and competition. The ThrowDown will GoDown on May 19. The event will feature a Freestyle competition and a Playboater cross race. Both events will be held at the Greenhouse Park Whitewater Park on Tire Hill Road in Johnstown PA.

Registration : You can either register online or at the event site. Please if you’re reading this and want to compete please follow the link below and pre-register. This saves us a ton of time on the day of the event. On-site registration will begin at 1:00 and the competition will start at 2. The Freestyle competition will be the first event followed immediately by the Playboater X Race. If you want to get ranked against other ThrowDown participants you can elect to make a $10 donation. Your donation entitles you for the chance at tons of other prizes including great gear from our many sponsors and possibly a Jackson Kayak.


This is a friendly competition for all skill levels. There will be classes for all registered participants and we will have separate classes for male/female as long as we have enough signed up. As part of the World Kayak Hometown Throwdown we are encouraging any boater that has ever taken a spin in a hole to try their hand at fame and fortune. Well at least fame amongst your friends. There will be prizes available for ALL participants as well as awards for the top competitors in each category. We will have classes for beginners, intermediates, advanced, with mens, womens, and jrs. categories. We will have classes for K1, OC1, C1, and SUP.

Click the link below for the points system used in the competition.

Playboater X Race

Start : About 15-30 minutes after rodeo. This will also depend on number of participants and how many classes are needed.

Classes : M’s / W’s / Jr. / C1 / OC1 / OC2 ( We reserve the right to combine some classes based upon number of participants )

Format : Mass start race where paddlers will navigate around designated obstacles with a final sprint to the finish line. Start will be above the playpark and the finish will be the first large boulder in the river left eddy after the main playpark feature. Course will be set on race day. There will either be multiple heats or only one heat per class depending on the number of participants.

Stonycreek Rendezvous 2012 Festival Info

For photos of past events check out the W.PA Region on Facebook : You can do the Clicky Clicky Here