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Getting your team registered!

Competition has started, but we are still very early in the competition and nows still prime time to get a team registered.  Thanks to Luke and the dudes at WK, we have a fully automated scoring system now.  What this means is that any and all can register a team, record runs and see their [...]

Welcome to the Southeast Gradient Showdown

So what is the Southeast Gradient Showdown?
Southeast Gradient Showdown(SGS) Started life out as TVF (Total Vertical Feet), the brainchild of Ben Friberg. As the competition grew in popularity so did the playing field. With the Blessings of Ben, World Kayak has taken over hosting this event. For a list of previous winners and associated information follow the link to Bens Page

SGS is the same gradient kayaking competition set right here in Dixie. All paddlers east of the Mississippi River and south of the Mason Dixon Line (Also WV and MD) are invited to participate. World kayak will be hosting this event Feb 21 2009 through March 22 2009.

It works like this:
Teams of 4 paddlers will compete by logging up as much gradient in a day as possible, with their best four days counting for their total score. A complete list of rules and guidelines can be found here.

SGS gets off with it’s inaugural runs»

This week, our first group of teams were out and on the water for this year’s first laps.  The Dingleberry Busters, Sexy Kayaking Beasts, Aqua Team Hunger Force and the Piedmont Posse all doing some runs on their favorite creeks.  Each week our teams will be logging in and posting up runs and the running [...]

SGS Team SKB Cheoah Gradient Log‏»

Team Sexy Kayaking Beasts – 2/22/2009 2 Laps on Cheoah – Joanne’s to lake @ 563 feet Lap 1:  Scott, Taylor Lap 2:  Scott, Taylor 1 Lap on Cheoah - FS Bridge to lake @ 252 feet Lap 3:  Scott, Taylor Total for day = 1,378′ Started at 12:30pm, finished at 5:30pm.  The sexiness has begun!