The Liquidlogic Speedloader Throwbag

So here it is… The Liquidlogic Speedloader throw bag. This has been a fun project that we have spent a fair bit of time on over the last several months. What you see here is the final prototype. It needs a little refining on the sewing aesthetics in this photo, which we have polished off now. The function is 100% there.
Woody and I were thinking about throw bags and ways that we could improve them and we came up with the idea of making it really easy to load. We both thought right away of times that we didn’t want to get out bags out on the river because we didn’t want to have to reload them. Even simple things like lowering your boat becomes that much more a hassle if you have to spend several minutes loading your throw rope back in its bag.
The original concept was a clam shell design that was two sided. It made for a good bag but we had some problems with excess fabric. It also didn’t stand up well which is the other great benefit of this bag. When you are loading it you can put it on the ground and the bag stands up, opens up and makes it super easy to load. We tried many different protos of the clam shell design but couldn’t get it to a refined refined. So just recently we went to the three sided design that opened well, closed well, and stood up like it had a tripod which it turns out it did have. The three sew sides give it much more stability while sitting on the ground, rock, boat, whatever.
The Speedloader will be shipping the beginning of the year. Right now we are doing it as a basic tag type bag. Its a 50 footer. Its smaller diameter rope like all the other bags, except they don’t stand up, and load like this one. We haven’t solidified the exact rope at this moment but it will be at least industry standard for this type of bag. We also hope in the future to have a full rescue version as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good idea! It's nice to see all the different protos at the bottom, it's nice to see a project go all the way through from basic idea to final. can't wait to try one! Lets hope for the rescue one too!

  2. reinharden says:

    How's the "bottom" end of the rope attached to/through the bag?

    It might be worthwhile to carry the end through the bag with an extra loop (although I see plusses and minuses on both sides of that argument).

    There's also potentially something to be said about having the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the bag be fabric instead of mesh. When re-throwing a bag that hasn't been repacked, it's often easier to fill the bag with water and use that for the throw.

  3. Shane Benedict says:

    Thanks for the props and feedback.
    Good things to think about. We thought about keeping the bottom of the bag solid but it didn't close up nearly as well. I see your point though. We'll keep watching the to see if we get feedback on that not working for folks.

  4. GYGK says:

    Nice work Shaner, looks like a great idea and a great bag. Really glad to see people improving the industry standards of rescue and safety gear! Can't wait to get a speedloader!

  5. Jason Bishop NZ says:

    Bloody awesome idea:)

  6. Dave Kurtz says:

    This bag looks like a winner. Now, I have a quest: My Junior Olympic group, Mach One Slalom Team, would like to convert 5 of its bags to this new design. Perhaps some of the prototypes you have could be donated to us for conversion of our usual stuff-type bags. Or, give us a price for the bag itself so we can continue to use our ropes. Four of the bags are the traditional (approx.) 70' of 3/8 rope. Thanks, loads.
    Dave Kurtz, President and Coach.

  7. Greg Loftus says:

    Gr5eat idea but I have never found restuffing the rope to be a big problem, I make my throwbags from old 2 litre plastic milk gugs and they throw better than any bag I have ever tried. I got the idea from a snow mobile rescue group that use them on the snow mobiles in the winter. The plastic shell is light yet stiff enough to give some balistics and these thinge fly fast and straight. Still I like your idea as well and I am sure it will catch on.

  8. liane says:

    What are the packed dimensions of the bag? What type and diameter of rope did you go with? Thanks!

  9. Shane Benedict says:

    Hey Liane
    Sorry I have been out of digital touch for a while. Right now we are making a 1/4", 50 foot bag. That is roughly 5" by 7". We hope to be making a larger bag with larger diameter rope by the end of January.

  10. Shane Benedict says:

    Greg nice work with the bottle. We actually did several protos that way, but we wanted something softer.

    Dave we don't make the big bag yet but will be working on it this month. Talk with Woody at liquidlogic kayaks dot com.

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