The Drought Is Over… 19" on the Green


It is good to be in the “South” again. After a few years of drought the South is on the rise again. Before the Green Race Duke Power had started trying to draw down the lake so our flat water bretheren could work on their docks, and clean the algae from their foundations but we started getting rain, wetness, and we have really been enjoying a great fall and winter. As soon as they announced the draw down Duke has been behind the 8 ball. The lake has been nearly full to spilling ever since the race. Today the river was flowing over the dam at 100.5, which means there is 6″ of water flowing over the damn and with the 1″ plus of rain we had last night the river is cranking. When we got to the gauge it was reading a solid 19″. Which is an awesome level because there are some really fun lines that open up with the higher level. There are also some holes and pushy current that come into play as well.
We had a great crew. Toby “budget” McD, Riley Cathcart, Adriene Loveconnect, Mr. Brookes, and myself. It was one of those days that if you woke up early and slightly wimpy feeling you wouldn’t go kayaking. Luckily we all saw the rain and slept in to find clearing skies and high waters in the afternoon.”Budget” fired up the Monkey and we all conveniently found our way down the left side of the river to “set rope” and “document” Toby firing it up.
This is what is looks like at 19″

This is what it looks like normally. Thanks original photo person.
This is Rob Rostermundt dropping in at a normal flow.
Good indicators are the rock above this guy on the left that backs up the notch eddie. Notice in Tobys shot how there is no rock. Its a little tough to tell but there is sooooo much more power in this spot when the water is high. Gorilla beomes so much more when the water is high. Not only is the Notch sort of a nightmare spot in the world but the slides below start to form large… no wait giant holes and Toby found his way into on of them. Luckily he worked his way out.

This hole not only stopped Toby it pulled him back from a good 15 feet downstream. He kept his head together and worked his way out of the hole and cleaned the second slide so that he could make his way into “the happy place”.
Another fun line at high water out on the Green is the direct Sunshine line. When the water is high you don’t have to worry about the rock that makes Sunshine the nighmare rapid that it can be a normal flows. Normally if you mess up the boof you could be paying with your ankles or more. But nicely at high water you can just air it out right down the middle.

After a nice day like that what more do you want than a nice dinner. So in a fine southern tradition I decided to fry me some catfish.



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