Spring is here. Time to get the Biscuits cooking.

Adriene checking out the outfitting in her Biscuit

Spring is here.  The Ocoee is running.  The Cheoah is running.  It hasn’t snowed in days.   So Adriene and I grabbed a Biscuit 45 and 65 and headed out for the weekend.  Its actually been a while since I have really paddled one of these babies hard and it was a pleasure to get it out on the water.   We went to the Ocoee on Saturday.  It was a perfect day 70 degrees and blue skys.  I have to admit that I haven’t been on the Ocoee in close to 3 years.  It is a good 4 hours drive from the Green river, I am not making excuses.  I swear.

Oh I almost forgot.  I have a new toy.  Its my integral shuttle system.  Roll the Motorcycle into the Van and a couple boats and you have a self contained mission.  Saturday morning we loaded it all up.
A couple Biscuit kayaks.  One Biscuit dog and a Tater dog. The ramp to ride the bike up into the van.
Some sleeping stuff.  Adriene just needs Pop Tarts and I just need a decent coffee in the morning.
So here is my added toy inserted in the van with multiple Biscuit options.

The Aqua Scout Fully Loaded with Integral Shuttle and various Biscuits

I don’t know when the first time I ran the Ocoee was.  I think it was ’82 or ’83 maybe.   I need to dig up some old photos.  I have a few that are pretty funny.  Uh yeah maybe not.  The iconic spot on the Ocoee is the dam to me because when you first start running this river its the dam that scares the crap out of you.  Its loud, and there are tons of people running around, rafts putting in constantly, and the ever present wind and mist blowing.  There have been lots of paddlers who put in swam in the first rapid and got out of the river.  Once you get used to the dam and Entrance rapid its just a pretty cool scene.

Adriene calls me dad.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

 Wheeling below Slice N’ Dice
There is just a subtle difference between wheeling and getting wheeled.

Thats me trying to remember how this cartwheel thing works.
The Biscuit loves to wheel.

Adriene working the shoulder at Double Trouble.  
The waves are sweet all three are in fine form right now.

Adriene said, “oh my god, this boat is soooo loose.”

The day on the Ocoee was awesome.  We hardly saw anyone out there and all the playspots were good as always and some seem to be better than I remember since the last time I was there. After the day on the Ocoee we headed over to the Cheoah to stay the night and get on fairly early so Adriene could make it to work the next afternoon.  Sunday was a much more dreary day.  It drizzled all day and we were pretty much on our own out there.  The Cheoah can be a little pushy in a play boat in places but it is damn rewarding as well.
Adriene hamming it up in the one I call, “You know the hole on the left”.
This is a sweet hole you should check it out sometime.

A sweet boof line off the Bear.
From Biscuit Weekend on the Ocoee and Cheoah
This is the wave at Topoco lodge.  It is sweet.  Nice blunts, loops, etc… You go Adriene.
It was a great weekend and its great to have the Biscuits working in all features and run the river so comfortably.  Have I said how bad ass the outfitting is now.

Don’t forget Jerry’s Baddle this weekend.

4 Responses to “Spring is here. Time to get the Biscuits cooking.”

  1. Darren says:

    KLR650. Awesome shuttle vehicle. Nice. And having someone that sweet calling you Dad? Dude, it doesn’t get any better.

  2. Shane Benedict says:

    Yeah I have become a motorcycle guy. I love it. nearly 1000 miles this month. Took my first long ride a couple weekends ago, 400 miles. And the shuttle set up is soooooo sweeeet. Keep bending that metal and don’t sell until you are ready.

  3. rhett says:

    I seem to remember some classic photos of you in ender heaven at flipper. Come on, cough em’ up!

  4. Shane Benedict says:

    Yeah I probably need to get some of those up on the new server.

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