Redneck Kayak Testing

Well its Friday here at Liquidlogic and last night the ice came out and covered all the trees with a nice layer of the cold stuff. All the grocery stores were out of bread, milk, and toilet paper. Schools canceled across the land. Somebody lost control in front of our shop and knocked all the power out in the neighborhood so I didn’t have anything to do in the shop so we decided to have a little fun with a couple trucks, a sledge hammer, and some kayaks. What else was I supposed to do.

I was on Boatertalk in the morning and someone challenged me to do the boat test where you drive the car up on the boats and see how they hold up. We decided to do some other goofing around. We took a couple of boats that were well used and abused and put them to a little more testing. We did several different tests. The first thing was driving up on the boats. That worked out great no issues. There was some deflection but nothing too dramatic. Then Woody started getting really excited about driving the truck and well we found out that kayaks make great jumps, ramps, and parking blocks. Yep thats a 17,000 pound truck. Yep those are a playboat and a riverrunner, and actually they are prototypes which aren’t as strong as our production boats. They weren’t our creekboats, so they are a little lighter lay up than the creek boats. I can’t imagine what those would take.

Then we figured we have two trucks here, some chain, and a kayak. Lets see what else we can do, so we decided to test the security bars and the inserts in the plastic that hold the security bars on the boats. The inserts are actually the weak point in the security bar system, if the insert is small they rip out of the boat. In our boats we put in extra large inserts so that they don’t pull out of the boat. Pretty certain that we have the strongest security bar set up in the industry. I am glad that those weren’t my tires that were being burned to a crisp.

Last but not least was Woody doing impact testing at 30 degrees. “Hey Shane I know what lets see if I can crack a kayak with this sledge hammer when I hit it right on the end of the boat.” “I bet since its cold it will be more brittle.” So 10 smacks later with a 20 lb sledge we were having a good time.

Anyway the whole point of this was to have a good time and make some fun video. Beats a stick in the eye.
Here are the videos. If you can keep the audio up there is some funny stuff especially the slow mo sounds.

Redneck Security Bar Test!
Redneck Impact Testing!
Redneck Boat Testing!

Let me know what you think.

22 Responses to “Redneck Kayak Testing”

  1. Anonymous says:

    snow, what snow? I dont see no stinking snow…..

  2. The Young Riders of the Perfect Wave says:

    YEAH!!! Nice, Shane!!

  3. Liquidlogic says:

    I didn’t say snow. I said ice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see some deflection Shane, better stiffen those hulls up!

    Just kidding. That is some seriously funny stuff man!!

  5. Liquidlogic says:

    Oh I will show you some deflection. That isn’t deflection. Wait till you see this done on another boat.
    Whats up anonymous?

  6. Anonymous says:

    God I love this company! Where else in the boating world are you gonna get entertainment of this caliber! You tell me! This is some quality shit!

  7. Anonymous says:

    thanks for continually showing jackson kayak what’s up.
    who does the five time green race Champion paddle for?
    that’s right!
    how many boys and girls are representing only in LL boats on the steapest of the gnar gnar sicky poo?
    that’s right!
    park your family in liquid logic boats. the REAL whitewater paddler’s brand.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tears in his eyes, I guess, this young Cinderella – Oh he got all of that one!

    Hey can I buy that blue Creeker?

  9. Liquidlogic says:

    Its in the hole!
    Sorry that blue creeker is dead.

  10. jer says:

    So what was it that finally killed the boats? The chainsaw… jackhammer?

  11. jer says:

    so what was it that finally killed them? Chainsaw, or Jackhammer?

  12. jer says:

    so what was it that finally killed them? Chainsaw, or Jackhammer?

  13. RuthAnn says:

    LL, you guys are awesome. I love it!!! I’m glad our boats can withhold Woody’s and LL’s trucks. LOL

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m not pro JK by any means, but that doesn’t show them up. The LL boats come away dented and gave a good inch or more with that truck running over them. Look at the JK boats; you still see air between the boards and the hulls.

  17. Liquidlogic says:

    Well should I start with the fact that the Jackson boats have plywood displacing the weight in their photos, or the fact that the truck is parked going up hill which puts more weight on the back wheels, or the fact that I used very used boats as you can see in the video? Or the fact that I parked on them ran over them and then drove a huge truck over them? Believe what you want. Oh yeah I forgot that the Jackson boats are only photos also. One frame can make anything look the way you want.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My point is there is some funny shit with bozo, etc and it should just stay that way. Why go after Jackson? Sure you did more to to the boats, but they did give so what does that prove. Just keep it light. later.

  19. Liquidlogic says:

    I am not going after Jackson at all.
    I was asked by people on boatertalk to do the same test that E.J. did. I had some time on my hands because the power was down so we did extra stuff. I did it because it was fun not to show up Jackson. Jackson is the least of my worries. The only reason I answered you by pointing out the differences in the Jackson test is because you came after me comparing my test to his. I mean come on I am going to defend myself on my page. Seems fair don’t you think. As a matter of fact E.J. wrote on Boatertalk. “You guys are funny! That was a fun read. Now get back to work or I’ll tell your mom.”
    We are good friends its not like you think it is.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You don’t think that boat testing was funny? I laughed my ass off when I saw the truck jump the boats, and Woody’s legs, and the truck wasting its tires that is some redneck shit.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m not going to keep this up any more, but anyway, Shane, you took it on yourself to answer when I said It didn’t show up Jackson. It wasn’t you that sait that it did in the first place! Someone else said it did and I pointed out that really it didn’t. It just sucks when people do go after a company like that guy did just because he’s a LL fan. Have a good one. MORE BOZO!

  22. Liquidlogic says:

    ah now I understand. Cool I agree with what you are saying. I just didn’t understand what was going on.
    Take it easy.

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