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Starting SGS in Sexy Style on the Cheoah!

Team SKB was down two Team members yesterday, due to other sexy endeavors, but Scott & Taylor delivered a very stout performance to kick the competition off!  Here are the stats from the day:

Team Sexy Kayaking Beasts – 2/22/2009

2 Laps on Cheoah – JoAnnes to lake @ 563 feet
Lap 1:  Scott, Taylor
Lap 2:  Scott, Taylor

1 Lap on Cheoah – Bear Creek to lake @ 252 feet
Lap 3:  Scott, Taylor

Total for day = 1,378′

Check out how we stacked up against the rest of the competition by visiting the SGS Scoreboard.

Reports from Scott & Taylor indicate that the laps were clean, but they had to run the West Prong Line below Bear Creek Falls due to a tree down in the main line.

Here is a note from Scott of some of the fun from the day:

When Taylor and I ran Bear Creek falls on our first full lap riding the
bubble, I decided to try a new line at the falls which went very smoothly. 
I did the center “creek line” except instead of boofing that rock and
turning right, I started on the left of that rock like I was going to do the
big straight drop.  Then I peeled to the right behind that big rock and
boofed into the center line before falling off of the curtain.  Was quite
fun.  Evidently it caught some attention.  A guy asked me about it at the
takeout and now it was mentioned on boatertalk.  The first picture link is
of me doing it in the red Nomad.
Just trying to keep it sexy.

Keep it sexy and stay tuned to this site for Team SKB updates in the SGS competition.

The Beasts Are Back in 2009 & Sexier Than Ever!

That’s right boys and girls… Team SKB is back and ready to keep it sexy in the 2009 Southeast Gradient Creek Competition!  Last year Team SKB logged over 20,000 feet last year in TVF and brought home the Young Lions Championship.  We’ve got our work cut out for us this year with the new event format sponsored by World Kayak.  We will be competing in the “Open Feet Seekers” division.  Our team has had to be altered a little bit due to our sexy busy lives and the new event format of only 4 team members.

Sadly, I must report that Stuart (Bulldog) & Matt (Stickless) will not be competing with us this year due to other obligations, but they will be on our SKB Support Team during the comp.  We look forward to paddling with them during the competition!

Our fearless leader and captain, Brian, is still recovering from his Shoulder Surgery, so he will not get to compete with us either :-(   We are still keeping him as our honorary team captain and look forward to his always lively commentary throughout the competition…

Scott, Steve, & myself (Wesley) are the returning Beasts for this years comp.  We are also welcoming a new Team SKB member!

Drum roll please…

After a rigorous application process and weeding out all the un-sexy applicants; Team SKB proudly announces their newest team member:

Taylor Brandt from South Carolina!

Welcome to the Team Taylor.  Keep it Sexy!

Stay tuned for updates coming soon…

Last Friday (5-9-08) Scott, Brian, and I all played hooky from work in hopes that we were going to get a ton of rain Thursday night for a final great TVF day.  The weather radar was looking very promising and we had high hopes that we would get in some good Doe River Gorge Laps…  Then we awoke early Friday morning for Dawn Patrol on all the gauges with a sad result.  Brian called me at 5:00 am to report that everything locally in the Tri-Cities was not even close to running.  He did notice that the Smokies got almost 1.5″ of rain in some locations, but the gauges were not going up yet?!?!

We were pretty sure that we could get a Big Creek or a Greenbrier TVF Run, so we called Scott and told him to meet us at Big Creek.  When we arrived at Big Creek (8:00ish am) we quickly learned that it was a complete skunk!  So we decided to go check out the Greenbrier run…  On the way over to Greenbrier I called our SKB Team TVF Central Command Post (Stuart @ work) to get an updated gauge reading on the Little & Tellico.  Stuart indicated that the Little was running only about 2.1′ at the Townsend gauge.  The lowest I have ever run it was 2.5′…  Ugh!

We pulled up to the Greenbrier run and yes… we were skunked again!  It was decision time… Drive another 1.5 hours to the Tellico, which we knew had water or ELF the Little.  I indicated to Scott and Brian that we started TVF by ELFin’ Wilson… we might as well finish it by ELFin’ the Little!  So off to the Sinks we headed.

When we arrived it was about 9:00ish am and the level was low, but still run able with some boat abuse to be had.  We did not care though, because we only needed 4 laps to replace our Tallulah day and break 20,000 TVF for our East Cost Arena of the Creek Boat Competition.  The Sinks looked pretty sketchy, so Brian and I seal launched for our first lap and so did Scott & I on lap #2.  Lap #1 went well and Brian and I decided that the level was not too bad.

Lap #2 was going good too with Scott until I got to the Elbow Rapid.  The Elbow Rapid is usually a lot faster at normal flows, so it was weird having time to put in several strokes going through the rapid.  I got very lazed going through it and hit a cross current which resulted in me flipping over into the elbow rock.  As I was setting up to roll I rubbed my hands across some really abrasive rocks with my knuckles.  I rolled up and my hands were pouring out blood.  It did not hurt too badly, but it looked terrible!

Lap #3 Scott and Brian decided it was time to fire up the Screaming Meanies and the Sinks.  They both had good lines and had another good lap!  Lap #4 was the lap that would attain our total goal of 20,000 TVF for the comp!  Brian and I completed Lap #4 in total sexy style and we decided we could do 3 more laps to get at least 2,000 TVF for the day!

Scott and I set off for Lap #5, but not until Scott got to run the Sinks again…  He came up to the drop to far right and could not get a boof stroke.  He began to pencil into the drop and BAM!!!  He piton hard into the river bottom only below 2′ of water.  Fortunately he fell of the drop sideways and did not get vertically pinned.  He did not even get a good working from the hole.  Scott is just too sexy for carnage!  By the end of lap #5 we were beginning to wear down and the boat abuse was getting worse from the low level!

Laps #6 (Scott & Brian) & #7 (Brain & I) were quite painful on our boats and body.  The level had dropped at least two tenths of a foot on us, because we were finding all these “new” rocks to scrap on…  We finished the day with a total of 7 laps which gave us 2,240 TVF for the day and whole lot of new wear on our boats, but we attained and surpassed our total goal!

Here are the official stats for the day:

Lap 1 – Wesley & Brian
Lap 2 – Wesley & Scott
Lap 3 – Scott & Brian
Lap 4 – Brian & Wesley
Lap 5 - Wesley & Scott
Lap 6 – Scott & Brian
Lap 7 – Brian & Wesley

7 laps @ 320 ft/lap = 2,240 TVF for the day

Here is a link to the photo album of the day:

With this final stand by the SKB Team, we have dominated the East Coast TVF Arena!  We have won in our Young Lions classification and have the top overall score of any of the classifications!  Check out the score board with this link:

The SKB Team East Coast TVF Arena Final Competition Stats (best 8 days logged):
Day 1 (2-23-08) -Wilson Creek Gorge:  3,850 feet (14 ELF laps)
Day 2 (3-1-08) – Watauga Gorge:  1,012 feet (2 ELF laps)
Day 3 (3-9-08) – Little River (Sinks to the Elbow in the Smokies):  3,200 feet (10 laps)
Day 4 (3-16-08) – Wilson Creek Gorge:  5,500 feet (20 laps – Team Vertical Mile Achieved)
Day 5 (3-21-08) – Tellico River (the Ledges):  3,380 feet (13 laps)
Day 6 (4-5-08) – Lower Big Creek & Greenbrier:  874 feet (1 lap on LBC & 2 laps on Greenbrier)
Day 7 (5-3-08) – USNWC:  1,134 feet (54 laps – several in Topo Duos!)
Day 8 (5-9-08) – Little River (Sinks to the Elbow in the Smokies):  2,240 feet (7 ELF laps)

Total = 21,190 TVF for the East Coast Arena!!!

The 3 month window for the TVF East Coast Arena competition closed on Tuesday (5-13-08) @ midnight, so that settles the score…  The SKB Team is truly the sexiest competitors in the East Coast Arena and the winners!

However stay tuned, because the SKB Team will be competing in the Rockies Arena and try our best to get to the West Coast Arena, so we will have touched all three Arenas for a bonus day in the overall competition!

Until next time, keep it sexy!

Wesley R. Bradley – SKB Team Paddler

SKB is Keeping it Sexy at the USNWC!

This past Saturday (5-3-08) the entire SKB Team joined forces once again to fire up some TVF laps @ the USNWC.  Seeing how we only would get 21 TVF per each lap our team strategist, Stuart Everett, came up with the brilliant ideal of combining our sexiness and power into Topo Duos for the laps!  It was a ton of fun!!

Here were our official lap stats for the day:

Laps 1-5: Steve & Scott in Topo Duo

Laps 6-10: Stuart & Wesley in Topo Duo

Laps 11-16: Matt & Brian in Topo Duo

Laps 17-21: Steve & Scott in creek boats

Laps 22-26: Stuart & Wesley in Topo Duo

Laps 27-31: Matt & Brian in creek boats

Laps 32-35: Steve & Scott in creek boats

Laps 36-41: Stuart & Wesley in Topo Duo

Laps 42-46: Matt & Brian in creek boats

Laps 47-51: Steve & Scott in Topo Duo

Lap 52: Brian & Scott in creek boats

52 laps x 21′ per lap = 1,092 TVF for the day!

Notable highlights:

  • Scott & Steve, on there first set of laps (1-5), had a minor incident that required them to exit their boat in an upside down underwater matter.  Do not mistake this for a swim!  The great Leland Davis says, “Swims out of a topo don’t count…”  Since we know Hollywood is always keeping it sexy, Scott must have missed a brace and caused them to flip over above ‘M’ wave in the Big Water Channel.  As always, Hollywood was trying to keep it sexy and do an off-side roll to get Scott back upright.  Well Chief was just trying to keep it pro and roll on his on-side.  Needless to say both of their efforts working against each other!  Scott decides to bail and Hollywood not knowing the fate of Scott attempts to roll again.  He discovers that his boat is quickly filling with water and he is not going anywhere, but ejecting from his cockpit.  They did manage to rescue themselves and their gear in a timely manner and get moving again.
  • Stuart and Wesley were the first and only SKB Team members to fire up the Competition Channel.  They completed 4 laps with a combined total of 4 successful combat rolls in the Comp. Channel (2 @ Kodak Wave & 2 @ Big Drop).
  • Stuart and Wesley also did a really cool typewriter move (thanks to some fancy paddling from Stuart) across the left side of Shutdown Hole to keep from running over another kayaker who was getting worked in the hole from an unintentional surf.
  • Matt & Brian were the only two SKB’s to have a dry hair day in the Topo Duos.
  • Brian fired up his PFD of the Comp. Channel with success!

img_0005blog.jpg img_0006blog.jpg img_0013blog.jpg

img_0023blog.jpg img_0025blog.jpg img_0016blog.jpg


Overall it was a great day for the SKB Team!  We have 8 official days logged for TVF now and all we can do is replace days now.

SKB Team TVF Competition Stats. to date:

Day 1 -Wilson Creek:  3,850 feet

Day 2 – Watauga:  1,012 feet

Day 3 – Little:  3,200 feet

Day 4 – Wilson:  5,500 feet

Day 5 – Tellico:  3,380 feet

Day 6 – LBC & Greenbrier:  874 feet

Day 7 – Tallulah:  429 feet

Day 8 – USNWC:  1,092 feet

Total = 19,337 TVF for the East Coast Arena

We only need to replace our Tallulah day with a 1,092 TVF day on anything, but Wilson Creek to break the 20,000 TVF Goal for our team.  This coming weekend is the final weekend of the comp, so we have to do what we can to reach the goal.  Wish us luck and pray for rain!

Keep it sexy & pro in all you do!

The SKB Team Reunion Tour Starts Saturday!

That’s right boys and girls… after taking off several weeks of serious competition, due to the lack of rain, PFD’s down Tallulah, and team spirit, the Beasts are back into action to finish strong!  The team is planning on bombing the USNWC in TopoDuos for the hugest lapfest the park has ever seen in one day!  Stay tuned for a trip report, but in the mean time the photo below should give you a good ideal of what we are up against…

 USNWC Scoreboard

If we obtain this goal @ the USNWC we will break 20,000 TVF for the competition!  Wish us luck and keep it sexy!

Wesley R. Bradley - SKB Team Paddler 

The SKB Team Gets Some Press!

Check out this article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Keep it Sexy!

Official SKB Team Slogan Just Announced!

Our fearless leader, Brian Pickett – El Capitain, has just sent down this press release to our team:

 “I have now picked our official Team SKB slogan…

 ”One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bonafide stupidity, there ain’t nothing that can beat teamwork.“  – Edward Abbey


This statement holds a lot of truth for our team, but we are having fun and staying safe.  That’s what matters most to us!  We hope to see you on the river!

Wesley R. Bradley – SKB Team Paddler

A Couple of Page Updates to Our TVF-SKB Blog

Make sure you check out our two new updated pages on our site:

Our Team – 

SKB Team Shop –

Thanks for checking out our site.  Stay tuned for updates throughout our competition…

I hopes of another big TVF weekend… here’s to my homies!

Peace out!

Wesley R. Bradley – TVF SKB Team Paddler

The Official 2008 SKB Logo

Check it out:

TVF SKB Team Logo