Reno Playboating and the Hometown Throwdowns

By Scott Sady

I thought I’d send up one last photo just to really set in your mind what an epic year we have in store for us:



This year is going to be a great year to get into boating. I just met two women at the whitewater park this afternoon, in a snowstorm. They were in their mid-40′s, from San Francisco, just got into kayaking and are looking at relocating to Reno in large part because of the whitewater park we have downtown and the kayaking community here. These gals are class II boaters, still looking for that reliable combat roll but they were excited about the learning and just plain fun opportunities that living next to a whitewater park presents. And speaking of fun and learning opportunities, we just finished our first hometown throwdown on Wednesday and despite the freezing temperatures, (which we plan to have fixed by the next one,) a great time was had by all. Take a quick look through the gallery and you will see what I mean. We had all kinds of boaters out there from side-surfers to loop masters and hopefully with the great flows and warmer weather, we will have even more folks show up for the next one.

hometown throwdown 1

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First Reno Hometown Throwdown whitewater kayak event at the Reno Whitewater park on the Truckee River.

The hometown throwdowns are put on by Colin, Noah, Toby and the folks at WorldKayak.com. Click on the Local events&Throwdowns link for schedule and details. There is a competition class for boaters of all levels and Colin has gathered some really cool prizes that are given out at the end of every event. Names are drawn at random for the prizes, so anyone can win cool stuff. Also, Reno Mountain Sports shows up every event with free hotdogs and fixens, and some of the new Jackson boats to demo at no charge. Last time they had a couple of the brand new Rock Star playboats but if you give them a call, they are willing to bring out other boats, even creek boats to test out. And with great flows this year, the sooner you get started, the more fun you will have.  Check out my previous post for google maps to our local whitewater parks. Coming next post, Why Playboating? Well, even for some of us oldish farts, playboating is great exercise, super low impact on the  body if done right, and realllllllllly fun. Plus it will take your OK roll to bomber combat roll status the next time you do get on a river.

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1 Response to “Reno Playboating and the Hometown Throwdowns”

  1. 1 James McBeath April 9, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    awesome Scott! Stoked you’re having so much fun… PS, no one is older than I am!