Traveling With Pets!

As most of you know, I have a few pets that go everywhere with me. Until recently, that was 4 large dogs and a cat. Our wheelchair bound Ridgeback, Dagger, passed away recently )-:, so we are down to 3 dogs and the van cat. We have traveled all over the nation and live in our van for months at a time, and I would like to pass on a few of the lessons that we have learned to make traveling with our pets a little easier.

Don’t change your dog food. If you have a hard to find brand, pack extra. This might save sleepless nights and upset tummies. We actually use a brand of dog food that is shipped anywhere we want by UPS, so we don’t have to carry extra and never run out.

Waterproof blankets to cover your seats. This way, if there is an accident, it is easy to shake off or rinse in the river if a washing machine is not readily available. It also keeps your bedding from getting wet after your dogs have gone for a swim and keeps dog hair off your sheets.

Nature’s Miracle, an all natural enzyme urine and vomit eater. If there is an accident, clean it as usual then saturate the area with Nature’s Miracle. It eliminates the stain and smell and discourages marking from other animals. This is good for traveling with babies and kids too. They also make one for cat urine and skunk smell, a must for all vehicles.

Don’t drink the water! Some rivers and lakes are very polluted so we try to discourage our dogs from drinking anything but water we supply them with. This may save your bedding and sleep also.

Dog Emergency Kit: gauze bandages / wrap, antibiotic ointment, sticky cling wrap, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (destresser), and Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-fungal; great for small wounds and discourages licking.

Always make sure you have a good supply of your pets favorite toys, whether it is tennis balls or chewy bones. These help elevate boredom when you are away from your vehicle for a long time on the river. If you travel with a cat like we do, carry a cat scratcher too-this will save your car seats.

Talk to the locals about leash laws, pet friendly areas, and quality veterinarians. Its always good to plan ahead in case of emergency and if there aren’t any dog parks, it also good to find out the local trails for running and walking your pets. Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations!

As you well know, traveling with pets can take a little planning, but is well worth the licks and kisses you get whenever you open the door. Happy travels! Sage

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