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Final Hydrotherapy/Hometown Throwdown…Or is it?

Two days after the longest day of the year (Summer solstice) over 25 people helped make the last scheduled hydrotherapy Session a raging success. Corbin Park was at prime flows (19300) giving up some of the best the wave had to offer. With a heap of paddlers and a great spectator crowd we all learned something at this Hometown Throwdown (sponsored by

We had three rounds during the evening each challenging the competitors in a unique way.
The First round was a backsurf contest. You cannot back blunt, back Pan Am or even mcNasty well until your backsurf is dialed. Competitors were timed on how long they could keep their stern upstream.
  1. Brian J
  2. Jarrod
  3. Dillon & Nick tied
  4. Daniel & Brady tied
The Second round was a spin competition. Given 10 minutes to do as many spins, in any direction, in as many rides as they need. It started as a bit of a scrap fest as everyone hustled to get onto the wave.  We calmed the event down a touch by giving each surfer as much time on the wave as they needed.
  1. Brian J
  2. Daniel S
  3. Jarrod
The Final round was truly anyone’s game. we had another 10 minutes to get the best retro style thrown down on the wave. The crowd was awed by long front surfs, enders, paddle twirls, guitar playing and the classic shudder rudder.
  1. Dillon H
  2. Jarrod
  3. Nick S
From the night we came away with some overall winners:
  • Longest Ride Award: Dillon H
  • Best Mystery Move: Nick S
  • Overall Winner (aka most improved): Brady H
Congratulations to all of our participants, especially Brady for taking on the Corbin Whirlpools like a pro!
Currently there are not any more events on the books but I’m guessing based on water flows that we will re-start the series in late July early August for some classic Sullivan Hole Surfing! Keep your eyes on the Hydrotherapy blog,, IE Whitewater Group or Facebook Spokane Whitewater Group. Note: If you want these to continue be sure to thank all of the sponsors who helped keep the event full of great awards! Snap Dragon Designs, NRS, Jackson Kayak, Smith Optics, Super Feet, Kokatat, Immersion Research, Astral Buoyancy, Chaco, Mountain Goat Outfitters and Mountain Gear.
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