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Hey! My name is Mikey, and I live in Buchanan VA. (which is close to Roanoke) I’ve been Kayaking for a few years, I own 3 boats, a Jackson Super Fun, Super Hero and Mega Rocker (which I actually got from Eric Jackson himself, thanks E.J.!!!) I paddle mostly class 2 and 3, moving into 4, but slowly. I learned mostly on my own, watched alot of DVD’s and did the old trial and error(with alot of error I might add). I love all aspects of the sports, but my favorite is running drops. Our local run is called “Balcony Falls”, it’s kinda like the local training ground/meeting place, and right now, with our lack of rain it’s about the only palce runnable. If you live in the area, or are even traveling through, contact me, I’m always up for meeting new people to paddle with!

NW Riot Team: Going Big at Outlet Falls, Washington

Riot Goes Big in the Northwest! Disclaimer: Scroll down if you only want to view the photos! I have been looking for the right falls to take the next step and really go big! Lucky for me I live in the Northwest, a land of waterfalls. This day took me to a little known creek in Washington called Outlet Creek where 70ft Outlet Falls stands tall looking over the canyon below as if it was guarding the creek.  I had heard of this falls before from local paddler/film maker Nate Herbeck but had not considered running it until I saw the pics from the day before. It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to fire it off.