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Team Riot January Birthdays

Haaaa… haaaaa… haaaaaaaa…ppy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!  Here at Team Riot we’ve successfully pulled off 7 (seven) birthdays this month.  So check ‘em out and at least offer a good spanking if not a front-back wedgie.  It’s the least we can do to appreciate the existence of our comrades.

Jan 7 – Pavel Andrassy – Check Out

Jan 11 – Chris Gallaway – Check Out

Jan 18 – Chris Stafford – Check Out

Jan 19 – Olivier Trudel-Languedoc – Check Out

Jan 20 – Drew Hayes – Check Out

Jan 21 – Daniel Windham – Check Out

Jan 31 – Arnd Shaeftlein – Check Out

Feel free to get nosy and look at our team calendar all by yourself by visiting our Calendar.

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