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The Eddy Feeling World Premiere

Yo!  All you A-T-L-iens and grungy Athenian town-eezz the  RT Crew is bringing it live to the Peach State. If you like  fish and grits and all that pimp shit then everybody let me hear you say O-Yea-yer.

Dr. SpeeDiddy (a.k.a Spencer Cooke) has just wrapped up the inaugural RT movie “The Eddy Feeling.” It’s live, loud, and hot of the presses. Word has come down the pipeline to us from the soon to be President Obama Bin Laden,

“The RT Crew is all about The Change and I’m proud to say that my inauguration as President of the United States will coincide with the inauguration of The Eddy Feeling; deep in the South East of our great Nation!”
“Hoorah! Hoorah!”

The Agenda:

January 20th

Riot is proud to host a demo with the University of Georgia Whitewater Club from 8pm to 10pm at the Ramsey Student Center in Athens, Georgia. This is free to students but unfortunately do to UGAs insurance it will cost $7 to the public. We will have a full fleet there for everyone to test out. For directions please visit the Ramsey.

January 21st

The world premiere of the Eddy Feeling will be presented by Cine’ Of Athens in the Arts District of downtown at 9:30 pm for FREE. Riot would like to thank the whitewater club prez .Caroline Moon and v.p. Michael Thurmond for hosting. Please visit RT to watch the Eddy Feeling trailer and the feature short film The Lower Chauga.

Cine’ is a phat crib. The building first housed -from the 1940’s on a post office extension, a car showroom, and most recently the Snow Tire Company Recap Plant. It now is Athens Fine Arts Theatre with a barcafe.’ For directions and other information please visit their website. We’ll be at Cine’ early chilln’ in the barcafe. So come have a drink, support a great local establishment, and talk shit about sum good ol southern whitewater boat rid’n.

Signing out from Ashevegas.


Team Riot and Rapid Transit

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