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Monthly Archives: July 2007

EJ Reports on the PotomacFest

Every year the Potomac River, well known among the DC boating community, but one of the least known resources world-wide, holds an incredible event, the Potomac Festival. I have been going to this event almost every year since 1984 when I moved to DC from New Hampshire.

PotomacFest! Saturday Guide

The big celebration of whitewater paddling takes off with clinics on Friday, then the Falls Race, Community Paddle, and Freestyle on Saturday. Read on for tips on attending and watching on Saturday. The Potomac Fest will be based out of the MD side of Great Falls on Saturday

Feeder Cup #1 Rocked!

The first Feeder Cup of the year went off without a hitch as kayakers, C-1ers and even an OC-1 raced the gates at the Feeder Canal. Learn more. The Feeder Cup is a relaxed slalom format where you’re timed but report your own penalties