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Still an issue in Idaho – ‘The Rock’


Check out the Idaho Statesman article.

Decision Made for Rock in Staircase Rapids on the SF Payette


On October 11th at the Maravia Factory/Cascade Outfitters headquarters a meeting was held for public comment regarding the permit to alter a rock in Staircase by Tom Long.  Hosted by the IWA the meeting was a success with over 80 people in attendance.

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Meeting on Rock Removal In Staircase Rapids on the Payette


Tyler Staircase 1There has been some heated debate over the last few days regarding a permit that was issued for the removal of a rock on the rapid Staircase on the South fork of the Payette River.¬† More….

A public forum has been scheduled at 7 p.m. Oct. 11 at Cascade Outfitters/Maravia, 604 E. 45th St., Garden City.

Idaho Rivers are Getting Big


May 2 — Zimo: By Zimo – Idaho Statesman Edition Date: 05/02/07 Rivers across Idaho are rising and expected to get even bigger for the weekend.

I just got done compiling the river report for Thursday’s Idaho Outdoors Magazine and was floored by the increase in flows in Idaho’s whitewater rivers over the last week. But, we’ve had warm weather that is melting the snowpack.
The Main Payette River is expected to be around 6,900 cfs over the weekend, which is a strong rafting flow. The one that got me was the South Fork of the Payette River at Lowman running around 2,277 cfs. If you add the water coming out of the Middle Fork of the Payette River at Crouch, the Staircase Run will be around 3,100 cfs, which is fairly high.
The Selway River is running around 9 feet and the Lochsa is 6.9 feet, which are pretty strong flows.
The Salmon River at White Bird is expected to be 31,140 cfs over the weekend which is high.
These are some of the highest flows we’ve seen for the year so be careful out there. They are nowhere near the levels we would see in a good snow year, but they are higher than the last month and will surprise unknowing boaters.
Wear a life jacket, know your river and what you are doing, and have a strong group when paddling.