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It’s Salmon Middle For Permit Time


Middle Fork

OK, time to get those permits in! Go HERE for links to get your dates in.

Devon Barker Checks In From Riggins


Check out Devons report on Lower Salmon surfing HERE!

Another Weekend on the Lower Salmon


salmon_peace4.jpgSince Tyler and I had such a blast last weekend I snagged Troy and we drove to Riggins on Friday for an overnighter on the Salmon. Alot of checking stuff out so we have a better feel for what we want to hit this fall.

First we hit couch even though it was about 1K from being ‘in’, and it wasn’t great, but still could catch a little surf in more of a hole.

Then ran back down the road to hit Peace Wave (Pic above isĀ  Troy on Peace). It was about 500cfs on the high side, but still could catch some nice soul surfing. Troy caught some really nice rides. Hard to do moves on at 6.5K, but should be great fun at 5.5K-ish! But at this level you could front surf all day. The only catch to this sweet wave is the ‘eddie’ – which is actually just slower water that extends only about 50′ below the wave. Miss that and you catch the eddie below and make the short walk back up. I wasn’t sure, but turns out it’s woth the walks – I only made the first eddy once :-P

salmonr_camp.jpgSpent the night on a sandy beach – just threw our bags out and had a great night under the stars.

Saturday Morning we tried Machine Wave. Machine was at the top end of ‘in’ and was more of a fast ledge-hole. We each took a couple of spins and then decided to spend the rest of the time on Peace Wave.

So ready to go back already, I’m hooked on the lower Salmon!
salmon_machine1.jpg Machine Wave
salmon_peace6.jpg Peace Wave
salmon_peace1.jpg Peace Wave

Kickin’ back on the Couch


couch_trolly1.jpgSunday the rest of the family went berry picking after church, so Tyler and I were kicking around where to paddle today – the Gutter (again…?), the Main Payette… But after checking the Salmon River gauge at Whitebird I saw that the Thursday, Friday, Saturday rains had jumped the Salmon up to 9,000! That means the Couch Wave is in :-) . So we hitched up the trailer and threw in a pile of smelly paddle gear and hit the road.

On the way up checked out Machine Wave, looked OK, but we really wanted to check out Couch.

Drove up the Big Salmon Road for about 16 miles and found the wave. Sweet – it was in! The drive up this road is worth the trip even if you don’t paddle. Rustic old buildings, impressive rock formations, one lane bridges, a beautiful valley….

couch_barn1.jpg couch_rockwall.jpg couch_bridge.jpg couch_salmonriver1.jpg

Walked down the driveway near the tram that goes to a house across the river. Talked with the owner as he was heading out for a minute – really nice guy, liked to watch kayakers surfing the wave in his front yard. He crossed over later as we were surfing and waved out the door. If you go there keep the good relationship and don’t park in his driveway – there is a good pullout across the road or just up from his driveway.

Couch was superb at 9k, and I’m sure it is even better at higher flows. Eddy service is very good at most flows, though at 9.5k to 12k you may have to pull above this flat rock that separates the service eddy from the staging eddy. Even at 9 we had to have a little speed to slide past the end of the rock.


Afterwords we munched on the abundant blackberries for an Apres Paddle snack.


All in all worth the drive and I’ll be back to kick back on the Couch soon!

Time to Get Your Main/MiddleFork Salmon Permits In…


Time to get your Main / Middle Fork Salmon, Selway or Snake River permits in – they are due by Feb 2nd 2009. All you need to know is HERE, or go directly to the USFS site HERE.

Update from Devon Barker


I just spent four days surfing on the Salmon River 5 miles upstream from Riggins, Idaho.

The easiest way to find all of the Salmon River Surf Waves is to buy The Playboaters Guide to Idaho. This book has everything you need to surf year round on the Salmon River. In addition, you can check the flows at;PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060 and also check the road openings at as they are improving this road as it serves at the put-in for the Lower Salmon and the take-out for the Main Salmon.

I had a great time surfing with locals Erik and Wayne. Dave Turner, green All Star in the video also came down from Spokane. Enjoy the video and thanks to Dave and Chris for taking the footage.

I am headed back to the Salmon today. Come surf! Devon

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