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Video of Idaho’s North Fork Payette @ High Water


The Payettes North Fork has been running at 6K-7K for the past few weeks. I haven’t talked to anyone here that remembers it this high. It was like the ‘perfect storm’ – widespread rain across the state at the same time temps were warming up to melt snowpack.

Anyway, here is a nice vid on the NF – by the way…. I’m not a ‘North Forker’, but I have driven up and checked it out – It’s huge! :-P

Kelly’s Whitewater Park – Cascade, Idaho


kwp meetingI don’t even know where to start. Last year at this time when I heard that Cascade was on board to open a whitewater park I though – “yea, there going to throw a couple of rocks in the river and call it a park”. I could not have been more wrong about Kelly’s Whitewater Park!

With 6 main features, a visitors center, changing room/facilities, expansive viewing areas, and park atmosphere I’m totally impressed. I don’t think anyone could have put together a better team to make this happen. The visionary approach taken by Mayor Carter, Mark and Kristina Pickard, Jim Litchhfield, Gary Lacy, Devon Barker and others is what will catapult this to be the best whitewater park in the country – seriously. The community spirit behind this project was evident at last nights meeting. With a standing-room-only crowd of several hundred, many with more gray hair than I, only a hand full even paddle – they see the benefits this will provide the community in addition to paddlers.

The park is slated to open this spring- not bad when construction only started this fall!! We are scheduled to host 4 Hometown Throwdows there this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I see my family spending lots of time at KWP this summer :-)

Pics are from our drive up. Our car and ice at the bottom of the Cabarton Run, and the Legion Hall sign for the Town Hall meeting.

kwp signcabarton carcabarton ice

Boise Throwdown #5 is Tonight


Our 5th of 6 Hometown Throwdowns is tonight at the gutter. 5:30 to register – 6pm get wet!

Check out pics from last weeks Throwdown HERE!

Idaho:Safety Saturday on the Payette is 8/15


Boating safety event for all paddlers

Join us on the Main Payette river for a day of safety education! We moved this event to the river in 2004 and have had great attendance each year. Test your skill throwing to a real swimmer in a rapid! As you float the river on Saturday stop at each station and and practice your skill. Practice old skills or learn new ones. This event is free and open to the public!

  • We will be providing information on Boat Wash Stations and Invasive Species Stickers at the Banks Put-in on the Payette River.
  • We will have several stations on the river, teaching / re-enforcing boating safety skills.
  • We will provide food and drinks at the takeout at Behive.
  • Join IWA in stressing safety, and have a good time.
  • Check out Idaho Whitewater Association website for more details – HERE!

    It’s going to be an early morning…Then the 4th Boise Throwdown!


    Christmas in August for me! My daughter, Brooke, gives my new Monstar ‘two-thumbs-up’! Guess I’m going to have to get up early and hit a morning Gutter session tomorrow :-) I am really digging the new design AND colors….

    Check out Colin Kemps writeup on the Monstar HERE!

    Alpenglow will have all of the new ’10 star series at the Gutter at 6pm tommow for you to try at the Throwdown!

    Two Avoidable Fatalities on Idaho’s Payette River This Weekend Underline Basic Safety


    This last weekend saw two drownings on the Payette. A group of novices tried rafting the lower class V section of the North Fork and tubers on the South Forks class II without life jackets.

    These accidents drive home two of the most basic rules of river safety.

    1. Know the section of river you are running and how that relates to the skill set of you and your fellow paddlers.

    2. Wear a life jacket on the river!

    Check out Zimo’s article in the Idaho Statesman >>  HERE <<.  Our condolences to the families.

    Zimo: We’re lucky to have a playground like the Main Payette close to town


    Pete Zimowsky’s article this week – the Main section of the Idahos Payette River.

    Check out Zimo’s article HERE!

    Boise Hometown Throwdown and Jackson Demo’s Thursday July 16th


    [singlepic=83,320,240,,left]Our next Throwdown is Thursday July 16th at the Gutter.

    5:30 for registration and hit the wave at 6pm. I’ll bring my grill, so bring you favorite grill food for after the event if you would like to stick around and enjoy the warm evenings that are here! As usual we will draw for prizes after the event.

    Want to test out a new ’10 Star or AllStar?? You can at the Throwdown! We are teaming up with Alpenglow Mountainsport in order to add Jackson Kayak Demo-Daze to the mix. Alpenglow will provide a slew of boats for you to test out during the evening including these 2010 Star series boats.

    If possible, please register for the event online at (then click on the link for Boise Throwdown #3). If you have ANY problems creating a login, registering, etc – let me know. I can fix you up pretty fast.

    As usual, if you want to bring something to ‘throw on the Barbie’ after the TD, I’ll bring the grill :-)

    Boise’s Skip Armstrong and Ryan Bailey Payette NF Video


    Skip and Ryan have a nice video on paddling the North Fork of the Payette.

    Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

    New Site For Your Photos On The Main Payette


    This weekend started taking pics at MixMaster, so check ‘em out :-) I believe it is mostly a weekend/holiday schedule.