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If You Are Boating In Idaho – Ya Gotta Get A Sticker


The new law is currently in affect, however I’m not sure exactly when they are going to begin enforcement.

The new law is supposed to protect Idaho waters from the invasive ‘Zebra Mussel‘. If you live in-state or are a visiting paddler you have to get a sticker to paddle in Idaho. The only non-motorized boats exempt from this law are inflatables 10 feet and under. (So I guess a 9 foot inflatable will not transport mussels, but a 5 foot playboat will…?).

I, however, am not going to stick it on my boats – stickers tend to come off. I laminated mine and zip-tied them inside my cockpit.

Anyway – you can order them online at for $5 each.

Boating with Munchkins


Fun artical written by our pal Link Jackson for American Whitewater.

Check it out HERE !

Idaho Whitewater License Plates – Where Does the Money Go?


Outdoor editor for the Idaho Statesman, Pete Zimowsky, lets us know in his article.

Zimo writes that the program has generated $86,625 the past four years. Find out more in is article HERE!

Idaho : IWA Membership Meeting


Wednesday 4 March 7:00 pm at AIRE Factory

There will be a little different this year. There will be food, BYOB, River Update and raffles. Normally the membership meeting is held in conjunction with an AIRE Factory Open House. This year AIRE will be having an anniversary event on March 7th. So if you are a member, the odds of you winning a Tomcat at the membership meeting are better than ever.

Directions to the Aire factory are HERE!

Idaho: Forest Service Looking for Advisors for Payette and Boise national forests


To have a voice in planning for these Idaho National Forests, apply for advisor and alternate positions. The application period ends Jan. 20 2009.

For more info check out Zimoand#39;s Idaho Statesman article HERE – or contact Andy Brunelle at the Forest Service, (208) 334-1770, or Kimberly Brandel, (208) 347-0301