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Fundraiser for Kelly’s Whitewater Park is this Saturday


This Saturday, August 21st, is the concert/fund raiser for Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Donnelly, Idaho. You can get tickets HERE!

It’s a great time of year up in Long Valley, so come up and enjoy a day of paddling and music!

Don’t forget you can check out the park-cam HERE.

Idaho Hometown Throwdown #7 Is This Thursday


devin_sternIdaho Throwdown number 7 of 8 is going to be at the Gutter. This Thursday, August 19th, meet us in Horseshoe Bend. This will be our last TD at the Gutter for this season. Action begins at 6pm. As always we will be drawing for lots of fun prizes after the event.

Our last event will be at KWP in September, so only two more Throwdowns to go for Idaho!

Feel free to call me with any questions – 866-9429

Friday Evening Is Our 6th Idaho Hometown Throwdown


phil_1We are headed to Cascade Idaho and Kelly’s Whitewater Park for our 6th Idaho Hometown Throwdown. This Friday, August 6, meet us at KWP. Registration starts at 6:00pm and the action begins at 6:30-ish. As always we will be drawing for lots of fun prizes after the event! If you haven’t checked out KWP yet, this is a great time to come up and enjoy the evening at a fantastic location. What a great way to start the weekend!

Full Schedule for Idaho Throwdowns is   HERE

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Video of Idaho’s North Fork Payette @ High Water


The Payettes North Fork has been running at 6K-7K for the past few weeks. I haven’t talked to anyone here that remembers it this high. It was like the ‘perfect storm’ – widespread rain across the state at the same time temps were warming up to melt snowpack.

Anyway, here is a nice vid on the NF – by the way…. I’m not a ‘North Forker’, but I have driven up and checked it out – It’s huge! :-P

Idaho Hometown Throwdown Rescheduled


Well it’s been an interesting spring! A few weeks ago we had no water on the North Fork for a Throwdown at KWP, and now we are having flooding….gotta love it :-\

Anyway – I ran up to KWP Monday and there is so much water coming down that the features are pretty much washed out. Flow was right at 6,500 and as you can see from the graph, it’s going up…  Forecast from BOR is ‘more of same’. So we are going to do this…. Move the TD at KWP from Saturday 6/12 to Saturday 6/26 at 11am.

This give us two Throwdowns that week – but I don’t see a problem with that :-)   So Thursday 6/24 at 6pm we’ll be at the gutter and Saturday 6/26 11am we’ll plan on KWP

Hope to see you there!

Alzar School Fundraiser


We would like to invite you to attend a free fundraiser breakfast in Boise, Idaho from 10-11AM on Saturday, May 1st.  This informative breakfast will be at the Microsoft Conference Center, which is in the 4th floor of the Idaho Independent Bank Building (401 W. Front).  A large portion of this event is to educate more people about what our nonprofit is achieving, and there is no minimum donation for attending.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, the Alzar School relies on the financial contributions of our network of supporters to enable us to achieve our mission of developing and educating teen leaders. Because we are in need of a “boost” (one translation of our Spanish name “Alzar”) to get the school to the next level, we are recruiting a “Founding Class” of donors, which you could become a member of.

If you are unable to attend the event, but would like to contribute to our school, you can do that directly online at:

You can also help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and encouraging them to subscribe to our newsletter. We thank you for your support!

Boat Swap Saturday April 17 In Boise


Boat SwapAlpenglow is having its annual used kayak and raft gear swap.  Starting at 8 am, bring your used gear to Alpenglow to register it for sale.  Volunteers from the Idaho River Kids will be on hand to help price equipment.  Items being accepted but not limited to include.  Kayaks, Rafts, I.K’s, Canoes, Drift boats, paddles, pfd’s, frames, coolers, dry boxes, paddle clothing, helmets, dry gear, etc.

Selling begins at 9am and runs through 4 pm.  All un-sold gear must be picked up by 5pm or it will be donated to the Idaho River kids.

Kelly’s Whitewater Park – Cascade, Idaho


kwp meetingI don’t even know where to start. Last year at this time when I heard that Cascade was on board to open a whitewater park I though – “yea, there going to throw a couple of rocks in the river and call it a park”. I could not have been more wrong about Kelly’s Whitewater Park!

With 6 main features, a visitors center, changing room/facilities, expansive viewing areas, and park atmosphere I’m totally impressed. I don’t think anyone could have put together a better team to make this happen. The visionary approach taken by Mayor Carter, Mark and Kristina Pickard, Jim Litchhfield, Gary Lacy, Devon Barker and others is what will catapult this to be the best whitewater park in the country – seriously. The community spirit behind this project was evident at last nights meeting. With a standing-room-only crowd of several hundred, many with more gray hair than I, only a hand full even paddle – they see the benefits this will provide the community in addition to paddlers.

The park is slated to open this spring- not bad when construction only started this fall!! We are scheduled to host 4 Hometown Throwdows there this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I see my family spending lots of time at KWP this summer :-)

Pics are from our drive up. Our car and ice at the bottom of the Cabarton Run, and the Legion Hall sign for the Town Hall meeting.

kwp signcabarton carcabarton ice

Dates Set For Idaho Hometown Throwdowns


gutter5.jpgHope to see you there!

May 1 – Cascade, KWP (Saturday)
May 20 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday)
June 12 – Cascade, KWP (Saturday)
June 24 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday)
July 5 – Cascade, KWP (Monday)
July 24 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Saturday)
Aug 6 – Cascade, KWP (Friday)
Aug 19 – Horseshoe Bend, Gutter (Thursday)

It’s dry in Idaho- Think Snow!


brooke_monstarWhile we do have snow at our house in Horseshoe Bend, we don’t have much. River levels may be a little more ‘normal’ this year unless precip picks up… You can also check out the Snow-Water Equivalent graph for Payette Basin HERE.

by Associated Press

Posted on January 13, 2010 at 10:44 AM

TWIN FALLS — A report from the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service shows that snowpack levels across Idaho are lower than normal, but could still recover if precipitation picks up.

The Times-News reports that the numbers from the Conservation Service show most streams and rivers in south-central Idaho could run at just half or 70 percent of their average flows this spring and summer.

According to the National Weather Service, Idaho was one of only four states in the contiguous U.S. to get below-average rain and snow in December.