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The Payette’s Bladder Wave is IN!!


I just drove by the Gutter here on the Payette and the Bladder Wave is in! The river is sitting at 9,800 and is pouring over the sides of the dam. Now this isn’t the monster wave that it is known for – the water just isn’t high enough. It is a lot like a wide ‘Trimax’ (3rd wave on Climax). No telling how long it will last – so get out there!

Waiting For The Bladder Wave?


Keep an eye on the Horseshoe Bend Gauge and watch for it to hit about 8.500cfs. At that point they start messing with the dam. Sometime it will be down completely and this floods the gutter and nothing is surfable. Go HERE and check the bottom of the page for scheduled deflations. In the past here is what the power company has done when the level hits around 8,500:

1. They drop the bladder all the way in the early mornings – nothing good for boating
2. At about noon they bring it into ‘Cascade Mode’ which is about 1/2 pressure. If the bubble forms in the middle as it usually does BINGO – Bladder Wave :-)

Right now the forecast for Boise is low to mid 90′s for the weekend and the river will be shooting up. Here is the current river forecast for Horseshoe Bend