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Nationals info released for KWP in Idaho – July 7-8 2012

July 7-8 2012
Classes: This is a stand alone NATIONALS and separate from the point series.National Champions will be crowned in the following classes:
K1M Pro, K1W Pro, K1M Open, K1W Open, K1M Jr, K1W Jr, C1, OC1, and Cadet
Community Service: TBD
Registration: through morning of July 6 , 2012
Activities: Free concerts on site over the festival weekend. Bands TBA.
Awards:Prizes & Purse Total $15,500
Pro class    K1 Women & Men’s purse
1st       $2000
 2nd      $1,750
3rd       $1,500
4th        $1,250
 5th        $1,000
 C1 Unisex
1st            $300
2nd            $200
Visit: for more info.