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Jacksons Coming to Idaho’s First Whitewater Park on Monday


Dane loopingThe Next Home Town Throw Down at Kelly’s Whitewater Park (KWP) will be July 5th starting at 4 pm.  Come out and join the fun.  Eric, “EJ” and Dane and the Jackson Family will be there to paddle with you!  Loads of free prize and fun to be had at KWP.   Hope to see you there!


First Hometown Throwdown at Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade Idaho


Boater-xWorldKayak hosts our first Hometown Throwdown at Kelly’s Whitewater Park tomorrow, Saturday 6/26 at 11:00AM!

One or our local sponsors, Sawtooth Sports / H2OVelocity, have generously donated sunglasses to the first 20 participants that register and show up at KWP on Saturday. You can register online at or take your chances and be one of the first to catch me to register on Saturday morning at the event.

These are nice sunglasses and you can check them out here .

So if you needed a little more incentive to show up to a fun event at a great whitewater venue – there you go :-)

Event Schedule is at

Two Hometown Throdowns in Idaho this week.


Troy and Tyler at KWPThe weather is shaping up and water levels coming down – We have  two Hometown Throwdowns scheduled this week.
Thursday 6/24 at the Gutter in Horseshoe Bend – 6pm
Saturday 6/26 at Kellys Whitewater Park in Cascade – 11am

If you have not been to KWP in the last week you can’t believe how much the park has changed! I was there two weeks ago and can’t even recognize the place – they have transformed gravel piles into a beautiful area that is going to be fun for everyone. It is worth the drive. And our local sponsors are going all out on prize donations to make WK’s first event at the park a great time.

Remember, Throwdowns are a series of FREE – FUN events aimed at bringing communities of recreational boaters together in the spirit of simple competition. Based on the legendary Maryland Chute Outs, these events allow for simple scoring and keep things light and fun. Points for front surfs, paddle twirls and the standard playboating moves make this fun for all. Prizes are drawn for all participants, not how you place :-)

You can register online:
Thursday Gutter –
Saturday KWP –

Hope to see you there…
Gary Wilson

Bladder wave is coming in this evening!


I ran out to the gutter tonight and they are raising the bladder dam in Horseshoe Bend. If your off work tomorrow – it may be your lucky day! I’d check it out

Payette North Fork – A Comparison


If you are familiar with the North Fork and want to compare this years flow to average…Check this out:  RED is average flows – BLUE is this year!


Video of Idaho’s North Fork Payette @ High Water


The Payettes North Fork has been running at 6K-7K for the past few weeks. I haven’t talked to anyone here that remembers it this high. It was like the ‘perfect storm’ – widespread rain across the state at the same time temps were warming up to melt snowpack.

Anyway, here is a nice vid on the NF – by the way…. I’m not a ‘North Forker’, but I have driven up and checked it out – It’s huge! :-P

Idaho Hometown Throwdown Rescheduled


Well it’s been an interesting spring! A few weeks ago we had no water on the North Fork for a Throwdown at KWP, and now we are having flooding….gotta love it :-\

Anyway – I ran up to KWP Monday and there is so much water coming down that the features are pretty much washed out. Flow was right at 6,500 and as you can see from the graph, it’s going up…  Forecast from BOR is ‘more of same’. So we are going to do this…. Move the TD at KWP from Saturday 6/12 to Saturday 6/26 at 11am.

This give us two Throwdowns that week – but I don’t see a problem with that :-)   So Thursday 6/24 at 6pm we’ll be at the gutter and Saturday 6/26 11am we’ll plan on KWP

Hope to see you there!

Got Water? Western Idaho does…


Check out this from

Check back here for updates regarding our Hometown Throwdown scheduled for Saturday in Cascade and the new Kelly’s Whitewater Parkwe may have to reschedule as the forecast is for BOR to up the release to 7,200 cfs today for a week or so. This has KWP pretty much washed out…

Idaho’s Payette and Salmon Rivers Go HUGE this weekend!!


After a couple days of constant rain and some warmer weather to melt some snowpack – the Payette and Salmon Rivers have gone HUGE Friday and Saturday! The Payette peaked out at about 22,500 today (normal summer flows usually around 3k-4k) at the Horseshoe Bend gauge , and the Salmon at about 80,500 (in April  we were surfing Mill Wave at 4,300)!! I clipped some screenshots of the graphs and tomorrow I’ll try and post the little bit of video I got this evening.

It will be interesting to see the changes after the water goes down. Standing on the river bank you could hear boulders moving down the rapids!

Devon Barker Checks In…Looks Like Rain!


Motoko&DevonI got three updates from Devon yesterday – weather looks a lot like it is here in Idaho right now!!

Update – 1
I love Motoko’s  Star in the colors of their flag from Japan.  Here are some photos from paddling in Augsburg together.  We wanted to surf this morning but the wave is flooded.

When I got to the wave this morning I had to walk to the river in my mud boots where the water was almost over the top of my boots.  The river is expected to peak midday Friday. I will posting flooding pictures of the Isar River here in Plattling soon.


Update – 2
Rain, Rain, and even more Rain seems to be the theme of the second World Cup event here in Germany.  The wave is really neat as 20 or more  paddlers can paddle at the same time.  The rain has not stopped so I do not have any photos or video to share of the wave.  I do have a photo of our rainy camp and a slug.  Slugs are everywhere and our campsite flooded.  All the tents were moved to the other side of the levy. We then moved into a hotel.  The river is suppose to peak midday on Thursday.

Cheers from rainy Germany- Emery, Kat, and Devon

Update – 3
The water is now expected to peak on Friday afternoon.  Here are some photos from the site this morning.  The picture of Dane looping is from last week to show how high the water level is now.  I am standing on the same platform that was about 4 foot out of the water when I took the photo of Dane.  Hope to kayak soon.  Devon