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Devon Barker Checkin’ in from Washing Machine


Dane loopingThe First four days in Germany-five training sessions, one hotel, one campground, one car wreck, and a holiday. Emery and I arrived to Germany with no problems until we pulled into the parking lot of the Eiskanal, only to find our car being backed into, a great way to start our trip. The next morning we met up with Kat Levitt. We were excited after our two sessions in washing machine on the Eiskanal. It is a super fast hole with crazy eddies. We decided to head to Platlting, so we could train there without a crowd. While driving there people would fly past you.  We were going about 140km but it seemed that we were the slow pokes.

We thank Peter and Nina from Slovakia, for giving us directions to the hole as I do not think we would have found it without them. The hole in Platttling is so nice, and the eddy is even better. You can do almost every move in the hole. EJ was doing some awesome combos, and everyone was going HUGE. It was great to be able to train with EJ and Dane and have the hole basically all to ourselves. We are heading back to the Washing Machine hole and the “ washing machine” eddies.

Next day
We will finally be able to go grocery shopping.  The stores are closed on Sunday and Monday was a holiday.  We did find an awesome coffee shop.  As long as I have coffee all is well.  Lenka from CZ arrives  tomorrow.    Yoko is here from Japan and the rest of Team Japan arrives today.  We are camping between Marsha from Russia and Chris from the UK. I enjoy meeting everyone from around the world at these international events and being reunited with my  friends.  Truly, the best part.


Devon Barker, Emery Tillman, and Kat Levitt ( Emery is not driving this time)

Hotel Charley V:1st Decent in Boise 6/12


Check out Alpenglow website HERE for more info!

Devon Barker, 103 Kids and a Whitewater Fieldtrip


Troy and Tyler at KWPDARE to kayak field trip for 103 kids!

Emery Tillman, and Troy and Tyler Wilson helped me with my DARE to kayak field trips. Brent Lafay and I took the third and sixth graders from New Meadows to Zim’s the local hot springs, to learn to kayak for the first time. This was part of the Idaho curriculum for drug free and safe schools, and lifetime sports. I shared my Dare to Kayak video with the kids to show them my passion for kayaking and to steer them away from drug and alcohol abuse. Emery presented on her trip to the 2009 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships and showed all of the gear needed for kayaking. The next day Troy and Tyler met us at Zim’s where we taught the students to wet exit, and their forward, back, and sweep strokes.  The next day we had 73 more kids from Cascade and McCall  joined us for a field trip Kelly’s Whitewater Park (KWP).

At KWP the students had three stations, which consisted of fish and water quality a tour of the welcome center that over looks the play park, and kayaking demonstrations from Tyler, Troy, and Emery. They had over thirty students at a time cheering them on as they surfed in the park. When the field trip ended Emery and I began the seven-hour drive to Missoula, Montanan for the Best in the West rodeo and train with Karl Moser.

In route along the Salmon River (With Emery Driving)

Devon Barker

Devon Barker Checks In From ‘Best in the West’


crowd of peopleThis past weekend was the Best in the West competition held in Missoula, Montana also to be where 2010 USA Team Trials will be held. There are two features in the play park that are side by side, one is Brennan’s wave proper and the other Brennan’s hole. The competition was held on Brennan’s wave, in conjunction with World Class Kayak Academy’s graduation. In addition to the rodeo and graduation ceremony, they also had a sustainable energy fair going on in the park by the river. The finalists rides included entry moves, McNasty’s, split wheels,  cartwheels, front and back blunts, and loops. When you weren’t competing you could play in the hole where every move was possible, and Emery Tillman got her first huge air loop with her new over thruster in her star.

I finally got the coveted belt buckle for winning Best in the West! The finals results:


  1. KB / Kevin Brown
  2. Karl Moser
  3. Luke Rieker


  1. Devon Barker
  2. Erin Clancy
  3. Alley Fontenot

Junior Men

1.     Olin Wimberg

2.     Quinton Barnett

3.     Seth Stoenner

Junior Women:

  1. Emery Tillman
  2. Hannah Kertesz
  3. Ashley  ( 10 years of age)

We cannot wait to go back to Missoula for team trials. The two nearest hotels are the Holiday Inn Downtown, which is right on the river within walking distance to the wave and is offering a discount when you mention team trials. The other hotel is the Days Inn, which is two blocks off of the river. The phone number for the Holiday Inn is 406-721-8550 and the Days Inn number is 406-543-7221.

A great place close to the wave for gear, and checking out the latest videos is KB and Luke’s Kayak shop StrongWater located just across the bridge from the park.

Devon Barker and Emery Tillman

Live from the scenic drive on the Lochsa ( Emery around 2 on her learners permit)

Photos credited to Rocky Mountain Keen

Idaho’s First Hometown Throwdown of 2010 is Thursday!


seth Our first Idaho Throwdown is this Thursday, May 20th. Registration starts at 5:30pm and the action begins at 6pm. If possible register online, even if you are not certain you are going to make it to the event – this makes scoring much easier :-)

Go here to register and for more info!

We are hosting eight, count ‘em – 8, Throwdowns this year between the Gutter in Horseshoe Bend and Kelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade. It’s gonna be an awesome year! Full Schedule for Idaho is   HERE

Thanks and hope to see you there!


Team River Runner Video


Inspirational video from TRR. Team River Runner is a non-profit organization designed to assist active duty service members and veterans an opportunity to find health, healing through whitewater boating.

Check it out:

Idaho’s First Whitwater Park is Almost Done!


visitors-center Last Sunday Tyler and I drove up to check out Kelly’s Whitewater Park.  We really wanted to see how it was laid out and what features will be best for our Hometown Throwdowns  that will be held there though the summer.

I am so excited for KWP to open – I can’t wait for my girls to learn to paddle here as I’m sure we will spend many days here this summer :-)

The island they built is way too cool and the drops look very promising.  I’m ready for the water to come up when the Bureau of Reclamation releases water though Cascade Dam around mid-month.

The first two drops are river wide then split around the island – the main drops on river-left and the ‘beginner’ waves on river-right passing near the visitors center and right in front of the observation windows.

I think we will run the Throwdowns on two waves – the 3rd drop on river-left and the first beginner wave on the right side. I think the beginner wave will entice paddlers not comfortable with the larger features to participate in the Throwdowns.

Special thanks to Camron for letting us in to check it out and to Brett for showing us around and explaining the features. Look  for an announcement near the middle of this month for Kelly’s grand opening!

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