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Mill Wave


MillWave_PerspectiveWe woke Sunday expecting to meet a buddy at the Gutter, but when they couldn’t make it and it looked like the day was forecast to be very windy around Boise, the boys and I decided to head up to Riggins and hit the Salmon Rivers’ Mill Wave for the first run of the year.

As we pulled into Riggins the clouds parted and the temp spiked at 63! But the wind roared up the canyon so hard it actually picked up my ShredReady tdubb :-P Tumble-weeds were swirling around in the eddies and the tops were blowing off the waves.

No worries though, it was good just to be on the river. The wave was at the top end at 4300 cfs and we couldn’t quite hit the first wave, and the second was a bit tough to catch, but Troy dialed it in and had some awesome rides. Tyler didn’t do bad either.

As we left it began to rain – we caught the weather window perfectly! I’d like to check this wave out at about 3500!