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Hometown Throwdowns go big time!


The open event at this years Reno River Festival wil be a World Kayak Hometown Throwdown!

World Kayak is happy to announce that the open at this yearandrsquo;s Reno River Festival will be a Hometown Throwdown (HTTD). The open event will be held on Friday May 8th. The event will be conducted and scored like all other HTTDandrsquo;s. The top three paddlers from the K1-A, K1-W, and K1-JR will be carried on to the invitational event on Saturday. As always there will be a K1-B category so that all boaters of every skill level will have an appropriate peer group to compete with. Bring the heat and all of your freestyle skills, but do not forget to bring your style as well. We always give points in the HTTDandrsquo;s for style. All prizes will be raffled off based on participation, and believe me that when I say our fantastic sponsors have stepped it up for this very special event, I mean it!

There will also be a secondary competition that will start now and end Thursday evening at 10PM. All you have to do is pre register for the event at Once you are registered online send an email to with your prediction for the flow of the Truckee River in the whitewater park at noon on Friday the 8th of May. At the mandatory competitors meeting we will award the competitor whoandrsquo;s guess comes closest to the actual flow without going over with a very nice prize. In the event of a tie we will rock, paper, scissors for the win. The prize will be a VIP bracelet for the kickoff party on Friday evening. This VIP bracelet will get you all the food and drink you can stomach from 7-9PM. You will also win a pair of Smith Sunglasses, a pair of Mtn. Khakis, and a full tube of Nuun active hydration. Not a bad way to start the river festival weekend! F or a great video of the Hometown Throwdowns go to

Payette South Fork – Canyon and Grandjean Section


Tyler and I were out near Lowman today and decided to scout the GrandJean section of the Payettes South Fork. On the way we snapped a few pics along the Canyon section as well. The gauge at Lowman was reading 1960 cfs.

Some cool rock formations near Big Falls

More near Big Falls

South Fork of the Payette

Big Falls

Some shots of the Grandjean/Helende section

Enterance to Pinball


Kirkham Gorge – 1/2 way down

Lower Kirkham – Notice the falls on the far side – these are hot springs :-)

Rocks take their toll along the Garden Valley – Lowman Road

Idaho : Boise Premier of Hotel Charley 4


7pm Thursday, April 23rd at O’Michael’s Pub across the street from Alpenglow

Tickets $5 at Alpenglow, $7 at the door

Limited seating available Kids free with paid adult!

Adding Thigh Brace Tabs To Your Jackson


After they redesigned the back band, my only complaint about any of my Jackson boats was the thigh brace pads. You know what I’m talking about – it peels of and adheres it’s self to your leg hair and reduces you to tears and makes you scream like a little girl…

Well – this year JK solved that with some great little tabs you can install yourself. Chuck at Alpenglow Mountainsport set me up with some to check out. At about $2 per boat I’m going to outfit all my boats with them. It’s easy to do – no rocket science here, but a couple of tips will help.

1. Drill a pilot hole fore and aft of the cleat. Leave ample room to the edge as you will enlarge these holes in a sec. Make sure you go through the plastic and the thigh padding with the pilot drill.

Your pilot holes should look something like this

2. Now drill you holes to size using a 5/16″ drill bit. Try to get through the plastic only with this bit. If you slip up and go through the pad it doesn’t seem to be the end of the world as the pad tends to stretch around the bit, but I wanted to keep the pad hole as small as possible.

3. Now here is where I would have screwed up were it not for Chucks advice – I would have placed the finished, smooth tab with the post in from the top, but it goes up through the bottom. The little ‘belly button’ looking one goes in from the top. This allows for more surface area on the pad below.

4. Sweet – all done. Takes about 5 minutes and now you can shout all manly down the rapid rather than squeal.

Boise Hometown Throwdown is Thursday the 16th


Our first Boise Throwdown is this Thursday – April 16th! What is a Throwdown?
The Hometown Throwdown is quite simple… EASY, FUN and RELAXING.  We took all the modern whitewater freestyle rules and tossed them.  We’re not pros!  What we now have is a simple rodeo to set up, super simple scoring and a ton of great prizes.  We designed this format to bring the fun back into a community competitive event.

This year’s sponsors include:

  • Jackson Kayaks – DVDs, schwag
  • Smith Optics – Sunglasses
  • Crocs – sandals
  • Immersion Research – clothing and schwag
  • Mountain Khakis – pants
  • Salus – schwag and lifevests
  • Nuun – energy drinks, schwag
  • Shred Ready – helmets and schwag
  • And More

Prizes are never given away to winners – but raffled off to everyone who participates.  We reward participation and it is thanks to all these sponsors that we are able to do so!
For the most part, this is a bunch of folks getting together. The end result is the revitalization of the simple playspot.  We are back to trying out the next move, not so we can be the hot boater, but just to be able to do the moves… playboating is FUN.  Its also fun to have an event like this to encourage us to push our limits playing…

Please check out the latest Throwdown dates and to register online for one in your area at

Idaho:Cascade Whitewater Park Gets $500,000 Donation


Got this great news from Devon Barker

This has been a great week for Idaho. The Friends of the Cascade Whitewater Park have been given $500K donation by Mark and Kristina Pickard to design and build a whitewater park in Cascade, Idaho. Damon from Gear and Grind, JK Dealer, is located just 30 minutes away. We are all very excited in Idaho. Here is a link to the article.

Riggins, Idaho has also completed a feasibility study and I am hosting, as Co-Chair with the Mayor, Bob Crump, a state wide meeting this Thursday. I will be presenting a film I made that highlights the types of improvement that can be made by building a whitewater park in Riggins. You can view the feasibility study and the video at Come paddle in Idaho! Devon

Boise makes Forbes ‘Top 10 Best Towns for People Who Love to Paddle’


Along with other great paddling communities like Kernville and Chattanooga, Boise is in the top 10.

And while we do have class V - we also have tons of great class III and IV !

Check out the full article HERE.

Hot Springs Roll Sessions Are Sweet!


After all my whining late last week about the snow – the weekend was awesome with lots of sun and temps in the mid 60s. Plans to check out a run on the upper section of the Middle Fork of the Payette was thwarted by snowy roads, but we did catch a nice roll session in Garden Valley/Crouch Idaho on Sunday evening. Several local kids were there and they were impressive. Nice to see these local kids accessing all that the river has to offer, not many of the youth in Horseshoe Bend do – yet (we’re working on them) :-)

Roll sessions in a hot spring are a treat. I’ve been fortunate to hit a few during the winters and it is really the way to go! For the month of April and the first week or two of May they are having roll sessions in Garden Valley/Crouch on Sundays at 4pm – 6pm. If you are in Boise it is worth the drive. Drive to Banks – right on the Banks Loman Hwy and turn to Crouch on Middle Fork Road. About 3 miles up is a left at the sign to Terrace Lakes. Cost if $5 for the pool. Feel free to CONTACT ME for any questions.



Ok, now I love snow in December and January…even February is ok, but in April I want sun and 60′s! But this morning we awoke to yet more snow falling in Horseshoe Bend.

I guess the upside is that the mountains will have more to shed in a month or so – but I have a hard time seeing that right now :-)

Looking forward to our first Hometown Throwdown of 2009 on the 16th. Hopefully the weather will be mo-sunnier (yes, that’s a word!)