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Oregons North Umpqua River


[singlepic=100,320,240,,left] Earlier this month we visited my In-Laws in Glide Oregon. The boys and I took our boats and a couple of inflatables and paddled Section 3 of the North Umpqua. There are 5 sections on this river that are published in the local guides, but I’m sure there is stuff above Section 1 that is runable as well.

We took my wifes dad (in Bonnies pink helmet :-) )and one of our friends down with us and had a great time. If you are ever in the area it is worth taking your gear and hitting this class III/IV river – The water is clear and the scenery is beautiful! I have posted the 6 access points at the POI Factory if you have a GPS. The link is HERE!

The USFS has a PDF HERE - and AW has info HERE! Enjoy



Muddy Waters


Payette Clear North Fork and Muddy South Fork We had a pretty vicious storm roar through the Payette basin on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning the Main Payette was running very muddy so Tyler and I jumped in the Highlander and started driving to see the source. Blowouts on the Canyon section caused the muddy water. We got to Banks and found that the North Fork (On the left of the picture) was still running clear, but the South Fork was very muddy. So much turbidity in fact that the water flowed more like lava. The waves didn’t even splash.

We snapped these pics later in the afternoon when the SF had cleared just a little bit but you can sure see the difference. Today we ran the Main and it is still pretty muddy, but hopefully clears out by the weekend.

Payette North Fork and muddy South Fork



No Non-motorized boater fees this year in Idaho! Check it out HERE!

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Great Video On Idaho Whitewater


I ran across this little gem from Idaho Public TV on Idaho Whitewater. Check it out :-)


Paddling Class in McCall, Idaho with Devon Barker


Paddle Strokes, Water Safety, Rolling and Bracing! Instructor- Devon Barker- member of US Kayak Team Dates: August 2- Womens Clinic 5pm to 7:30 pm August 3 Kids Camp

10:30 am to 12:30 pm Introduction to Paddling Strokes andamp; Concepts

1pm to 3pm Rolling and Bracing *Prior paddling experience needed or the Introduction to Paddling Strokes andamp; Concepts

Location- Backwoods Adventures on Payette Lake, North Beach, McCall, ID
Cost- $50 for each session

Instruction will include paddle strokes, water safety, andamp; rolling and bracing technique for beginner to advanced levels. Kayak equipment provided as needed.

Contact Information- 208.634.5750 or 208.469.9067 or

Private lessons are available upon request

Boise Hometown Throwdown #3 Next Thursday!


[singlepic=85,320,240,,left] Come join us next Thursday, July 17th – registration at 5:30pm, BUT BEST TO REGISTER ONLINE HERE. We meet at the Gutter near Horseshoe Bend. If you need directions or have any questions feel free to contact me at

Suffering From IBS


[singlepic=95,160,120,,left]Lately I have been suffering from IBS – yes, the dreaded Intermittent Boating Syndrome (hey, what were you thinking???). But hopefully that has all come to an end and things will be looking watery for the rest of the summer :-) On Saturday our friend C.J. decided to do a float on the Main for his 15th Birthday and we had 11 boats in our armada. Three young guys that had never been on the river joined us trading between the 2 IKs and Links raft. Also joining us on his cataraft was Shane from Salamander. Then we hit the gutter for surfing and to eat some dogs! What better way to spend your birthday than paddling? Thanks for inviting us along C.J.!