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Boater-X Banter


Boater-xDuring Devon Barkers clinic on Sunday she had the kids do a couple of boater-x runs. Our friend, Link, caught this great picture of Seth and Tyler duking it out with a little friendly boater-x banter.

Devon Barker and the Idaho River Kids Make Boise News


IRK had sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Devon Barker came down and volunteered to put on a clinic for the kids. What a great roll-model :-) Anyway, Channel 2 came out and shot some video and had it on the Sunday evening news. This event was the brainchild of Chuck from Alpenglow and really turned out to be a great event – thanks Chuck and Devon!

Link to the Video is HERE!

You can check out the article HERE!

Boat Swap at Alpenglow This Saturday


Go HERE for more info. 9am to 5pm – corner of Bogus Basin and Hill Roads.

PBR To Host Junior Event In May


The Payette Boise River Revival will hold a Juniors event on May 30th. Check HERE for more info 8-)

What Is Your Bladder Doing??


Well, not your bladder exactly…… but if you want to know if the Bladder Dam on the Payette in Horseshoe Bend is up or down before you make the drive go HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • If the dam is down the Gutter is flooded and usually no waves are surfable.
  • If it is up the Gutter is usually good at the 3rd or 4th wave.
  • If the Bladder is in ‘cascade mode’ tighten your helmet – the Bladder Wave is likely in!!

The complete url is

IRK Hits Climax Wave


[singlepic=46,160,120,,left]Tonight the Idaho River Kids hit the Climax Wave. I can’t believe how all of this group has progressed from last summer. They really improved as the evening went on and just kept going despite a tough move to get back into the staging eddy using a rope. Sunny and 65 degrees meant we could paddle without poggies :-)

The Payette has been running between 4500 and 5000 though the week and looks to hold that for a while. Looking good for the Bladder in May maybe – keep your fingers crossed!

Boise Hometown Throwdown – Thursday Evening


wk_bg_small.jpgAt the Gutter – We’ll kick off registration at 5:30pm. Devon Barker will be one of the judges – prizes for participation not scores :-) Hope to see you there!

Check Out Mike Copeland’s First D. TR


Mike has a made a name for himself as an exploratory kayaker around Idaho and eastern Oregon. Chekc out his latest TR on Soldier CkĀ  HERE .

Paddling Is More Than Just Rapids


[singlepic=44,320,240,,left]Last weekend we were finishing up a run on the Payette. It had snowed lightly most of the way and the 10 of us had a great run.

Our friend Mike got this shot of his youngest son, Ethan (right), and my youngest son, Troy as they talked of their adventures on the two miles of quieter water at the end of the run. The friendships we form are yet another great benefit of being on the river. Hope to see you out there!