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Boise’s Connor Jackson Making A Name For Himself!


Connor ‘CJ’ Jackson (14) has been busy this last year promoting the Boise Whitewater park – and has caught the attention of some of paddling’s ‘Heavy Hitters’. Check out THIS ARTICLE from Jesse Coombs.

If you missed my previous post – Check out CJ’s video HERE!

Northwest Video Scrapbook IV showing in Boise


Northwest Video Scrapbook IV, No Eddies Here:

The video will be shown at O’Michael’s on Bougus Basin Road on May
2nd at 7:00 PM. Tickets will go on sale soon. Prices will be $4 in
advance and $5 at the door.

Visit the WEBSITE and check out the trailer:
Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

GPS Files for the Payette


TomTomHey, if your going to be visiting the Payette this year and have a GPS – I have created a couple of POI (Point of Interest) files that you can upload to your system. One will help you find Access Points and scoutable rapids. I’m still adding some of the North Fork sections, but right now it has sections on the Main Payette, South Fork and Cabarton. It also includes features such as the ‘Gutter’/Bladder and Climax Wave. The other POI file will get you to Boise area whitewater shops.

Get the CSV files for Payette Rapids and Access Points HERE and the POI file of Boise area whitewater shops HERE. I can convert these to other formats if needed.

If you have any questions or need these converted feel free to Contact Me.

TomTom Screen 1

TomTom Screen 2

TomTom Screen 3

Only in Idaho….


Boatin’ goat1Needless to say we got some strange looks driving down the road. My oldest son was helping with a kids fair this weekend so we took a couple of our goats down to the fair grounds in Boise. I’ve found that when the boats are on the side of the truck, the goats make the trip a lot better – kind of blocks all that stuff zipping by.

Boatin’ goat2

Local 8th Grader Puts Together A Great Video To Promote Boise Whitewater Park


Wow, one of our paddling buddies, Connor Jackson (CJ), put together a great video promoting the construcion of the Boise Whitewater Park. Just goes to show you that no matter what your age – with a little drive you can make big things happen. CJ has been championing the park since early last summer, and even met with the Mayor and made a presentation. Nice work Connor!

Check out his video HERE!

Finally – A Little River Time


Troy and I decided to hit the Gutter Sunday afternoon since the temp had soared to a sweltering 42 degrees. We drove up expecting no one to be around, only to find our buddy Chuck (pic on left) had beat us there. Little ice chunks floated past us occasionally and Troy was splatting on snowbanks along shore. The first trip of the year is always interesting trying to get all that gear on in the right order – I always get my PFD on and then remember my sprayskirt!

Then the boys and I ran down to the Downtown YMCA to help out with the Idaho River Kids roll session and an adult roll session – Troy thought the water was quite a bit warmer in the pool :-)

Spring is just around the corner, so if you want to brush up on your roll or tighten up a flatwater move, there are several businesses holding pool sessions. Check them out HERE.

Check Out Devon Barkers Idaho Snow Report!


Check out Devon’s post on the Jackson website – complete with some good pics. Make sure you click on her pics to get the larger version, they are pretty impressive.  Glad I don’t drive a semi! You can see it HERE.

If Your In Idaho Tonight…


…check out Idaho Outdoors ‘Extremely Idaho‘ – there is a segment on kayaking featuring our pal Mike Copeland and crew. 8pm on Channel 4. Mike says he heard it sounds like he is chewing crackers during the interview – so it should be entertaining! :-)