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Northwest Getting Much Needed Precipitation…


A series of storms have brought more snow to Idaho. Ski areas are glad to be running after a post Thanksgiving start. Brundage has just over 6 feet of snow at the summit :-)

More storms on the way late in the week! Looks like we may be shaping up for a great water year this summer.

This is a shot of a neighbors barn a week ago – we have about 6 more inches now. Been towing sleds behind the 4-wheeler and havin’ fun in the white stuff! Have a Great New Year and ** think snow **

Have a Great Christmas WorldKayak!


Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year – look forward to some great paddling in 2008!

Merry Chirstmas

How Long is the Drive to Mexico?


With our old pal Wes in Mexico, I happened upon this video and thought “That BUM Wesley!!”. Our rivers have ice floating down them, so I’ll live vicariously through images of warmer climes. :-)



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2nd In a Series of Whitewater Tips


Pin KitsOur fearless leader in the Tri-Cities area has put forth the 2nd in a series of whitewater tips. WESLEY always has good info and Pin kits are todays subject – check it out HERE!

Wesley happens to be headed to Mexico on Sunday – Huck one for us Wes!

P.S. You can check out the 1st in the series HERE.

Idaho Non-Motorized Boaters: we do pay!


Check out Pete Zimo’s article from last night’s closed meeting between industry leaders and the Governer’s Office. Thanks Zimo for keeping up on this! Link is HERE.