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1st in a Series on Paddling Tips From Wesley Bradley


Wesley (of Jackson Action Wagon fame) posted the first on a series of paddling tips – look forward to checking these out as they come in. Check it out HERE!

Also make sure you check out his set up HERE JAW Sweet! :-)

Sunday Morning Pool Session


We had a good showing at Rocky Mountain Fitness this morning. Russel, Miranda, Tyler, Troy, Paige, Lauren, Marty and I had a great time. Tyler, Troy, Russel and I were practicing hand rolls and stern stalls. They are all ahead of me on hand rolls – I’m still about 75% in the pool. Hopefully hit the gutter next weekend, but you can’t beat the pool for that warm water in the winter :-)

Here is troy in a Shooting Star, Tyler performing his ‘Turtle Swim” followed by a hand roll, and Lauren (Chuck from AlpenGlow’s daughter).

For info on Sunday morning roll sessions go HERE!

Idaho Rivers United Holding 13th Annual Auction for the Rivers


13th Annual Auction for the Rivers

Saturday, November 17
6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Boise Train Depot
2603 Eastover Terrace, Boise
$10 IRU members, $15 general public

Go HERE for more info :-)




How about….

Rafting, paddling, and Canyoning in Costa Rica with Costa Rica Rios (one seat on the IRU Costa Rica Fundraising trip, March 29-April 5)

AIRE inflatable Ocelot

A four-day Beginning Kayak School on the Lower Salmon RIver with OARS

An inflatable kayak from Idaho River Sports

A Middle Fork of the Salmon Trip with Mackey Wilderness River Trips

Idaho Once Again Looking to Force Kayak Registeration


Gov. Butch Otter is once again trying to push a bill requiring non-motorized boater registration. This bill basically pushes the needs of power-boaters (money for access facilities) on those that rarely (if ever) use these points for access.

I have three boats, so at $20 per year I would have to pay $60 every year – and while my boating is advancing, I can only paddle one at a time… This is analogous to requiring you to license your bikes to ride on the road – which would actually make more since considering the road had to be built and the river was already there!

Read this from KayakIdaho to get an idea of what exactly is going on. Also read this AW Article which links to this from KTVB .

Then go HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION!! Or write your legislator soon!