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Much of Central Idaho Still on Fire


Donnelly SmokeI drove from Horseshoe Bend to Donnelly today. Arrived in Donnelly at 7am and it was 36 degrees – I realized that I’m NOT ready for Fall!!! Lots of smoke settling into the valleys in the cool air. I shot this pic on my phone as I was driving home in the evening. It’s looking east from Hwy 55. You can see the main column of smoke rising from the hill in the background.

Below is a graphic of the fire activity as of today in central Idaho. Yellow areas are areas already burned and red dots are activity during the previous 24 hours.

If you are floating anywhere in the area of the Salmon (Main or Middle Fork) it would be a good idea to check HERE.

Fire Map 1

Whitewater park planned for Southfork Landing


About an hour north of Boise, the latest whitewater park announcement puts the current number of whitewater parks planned for Idaho at 4.

Ken Dey – Idaho Statesman Edition Date: 08/09/07 LINK TO ARTICLE

A whitewater park is the latest feature being added to the Southfork Landing development near Garden Valley.

Cascade Raft & Kayak is collaborating with developers of the project, which borders to the south fork of the Payette River, to build a kayak whitewater park and retail complex.

The cost wasn’t rleased, but Horseshoe Bend-based Cascade Raft & Kayak would be responsible for the design of the park.

We have been exploring a number of alternatives for expanding our rafting and kayaking operations during the last year, Tom Long, Cascade Raft & Kayak owner, said in a statement. Southfork Landing is a perfect location to use our decades of experience to develop a whitewater course. Long is billing the course as world-class. It would be designed with obstacles, flows and currents to stimulate river conditions and features.

The design work is starting now in preparation to submit an application to Boise County for approval of the park.

My 6-year-old Runs a Class III…


Paige-1The Idaho River Kids were all spread out last night. We had kids on the Main, the Lower Main and working the Climax Wave (ok, more of a hole at 2900 cfs).

My 6-year-old daughter decided to run Climax (III). My nick-name for her is Sunshine, because she is always smiling…


Now don’t get me wrong, she had a little help – but the fact that she asked to run it (and said she wanted to again after the waves crashed over her head), made me smile :-)

Thomas and Alex helped her out when they got down to the big wavetrain.

paige-2I can’t say enough good things about the instructors for IRK – most have worked all day and then show up at River Kids with a positive attitude and give the kids their all.

Here are some pics of her and some of the other kids at Climax last night…





Seth (14)

Chad (Instructor)

Leonard (15)

Troy (12)

Thomas and Paige (6)